Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I WANNA live there Wednesday # 146

Good morning everyone !

We're in Mystic, Ct today in a charming Dutch Colonial built in 1907.
The property also has a carriage house which holds a 2 car garage AND a an apartment.
And then there's an insulated artist studio on top of all that - a dream property !

3 beds
2 baths
1,792 sq. feet

Ok, ready?  Let you soul and spirit fly................into the Mystic ( sorry - but I'm a huge Van Morrison fan )

Oh my gosh - this entry way - I WANT THIS ENTRY WAY !!!  ( and that front door too )

That corner?  It was meant for a Christmas tree !!!

Can a stove be sexy?  I think it can.

I just love this house - and the few things I don't like can be fixed with paint so they don't even count in my world !

Time to look around outside

Here's the " studio " !!!

And just behind it is the carriage house

And here's the apartment above the 2 car garage ( this property just keeps getting better and better )

600 square feet
Living area with French doors leading to a deck

A small bedroom

A walk in closet!

and a loft space !

I've shown a LOT of homes in this series - ALL kinds of different styles ( although I try my hardest to keep them older homes because that's what I prefer - I have shown some new builds too ) and they've run the full gamut in pricing - but I don't think I've ever found one that was made for me - every last detail - the way this one was.
I'm absolutely in love with it.
Every square inch of it.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone - it just dawned on me that we're really close to February - is that even possible?
Now excuse me - I have some important day dreaming to do !

All images and details sourced through ZILLOW


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  1. What a beautiful home! You had me at the veranda and that wood front door. The carriage house with apartment is sweet. I'd have lots of company and a place for them to stay!! A very sweet property. Have a great day. Keep warm and cozy.

  2. Perfect!! I can just move into that apartment for my 4 year sojourn! ;)

  3. Oh, how charming! Maybe I can find one of these in Arkansas? ;-) Like you, there are some paint colors I would change, but LOVE it! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  4. I would be in heaven. I could take the loft and just make it my little hole. The front porch and the yards are just as beautiful! Wow!

  5. That is a great house. Did you notice the size of the front door? All the angles create a lot of interest and you could almost drive a truck through that unique looking front door. That stove is beautiful!

  6. Suzan, Oh my gosh; I am still drooling over that front door!! This house is totally charming. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  7. The inside is okay, but the outside is spectacular. What curb appeal! And, there is a studio.

    Thanks for Sharing Your Cup!

  8. We're gonna have to battle over this one, Suzan. Oh my gosh.......this has so much potential! The archectiture in and out is perfect. I would screen in the front porch so the house door can be left open during the good weather and put a full view storm door on it. Back is perfect but needs a pool. The inside decor isn't my taste at all but easily changed with a truckload of paint....every piece of cabinetry and woodwork needs to be white white and those dark counters will become butcher block. The front door needs refinishing but will stay nicely behind glass instead of being beat by weather and the floors all thru the property are gorgeous with the exception of the kitchen. It would have to change when the cupboards go white. Brad can have the studio for his wood shop and I'll take the guest nest. The main room can be my sewing room and the bedroom more private when the family descends. Let them have the house and we'll take the getaway. Can I keep the diningroom furniture? That super wide china closet....!! And the gorgeous table base! The stainless appliances are just perfect. It's about that corner stove and the big open floor...I miss an old fashioned table and chairs in the kitchen. Like most houses of this era/style it probably doesn't have the greatest closets but if there are only two bedrooms it looks like there might be kneewalls which allow storage room beyond the bedrooms that can easily accomodate closets built in there. Random thoughts - there's a deck off the back of the guest nest (big grin). Romantic...mmm. Needs window boxes up and down, around the porches, decks. I like my first floor windows tinted now so we have privacy with lighter window dressings. Then again, I have a thing for inside shutters, too. Those lawns.....sigh. I used to love woodwork in natural tones but since wallpaper is out of vogue it just doesn't balance right in my eye. Also, there's something about a room with everything below the waist level and huge blank wall spaces. Just lacks personality. I sold an antique house in NH built in 1760 and restored by us in the 70s and 80s so I do appreciate heritage but now I like light, bright and uplifting. Would love to have my perennial beds and cottage garden again. My home is now a happy mix of traditional, itty bitty touches of primitive, easy to care for, slipcovers, antiques and because I like its. I laugh at some of the things I see on blogs and Pinterest......did them way back then. Brad says the only difference between me and Martha is that she built an empire on her ability to do, I stayed out of jail...hahaha! Oh! And the perfect house for me faces north with the kitchen facing east so if this doesn't fit that we'll just pick it up and turn it.
    Off to start working on my estate sale finds for little Riley this morning....a rocking chair, rocking baby doll cradle and a doll's rocking horse! Yeah...this great nana is rockin' today.

  9. Hi Suzan, you find the most charming and amazing homes ever. Love it! Thanks for sharing on SYC.
    xx Jo

  10. I would buy the house just for the front door!

  11. Such a gorgeous home you've shared Suzan. I just love Dutch Colonials:). My favorites are the porch, that stove and the garage apartment. Thanks so much for partying with us. I hope you had a wonderful weekend, take care, Tara


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