Friday, January 29, 2016

A FRIDAY CHAT ( about this & that )

Good morning !!!

So................desperate times call for desperate measures

John says - I'm going to pick up my meds - do you need anything?
Suzan says - Oh yeah !  Can you pick me up a tube of Preparation H please !
John says - Why - you have hemorrhoids ?
Suzan says - Don't be so vulgar - of course I don't have hemorrhoids
Suzan says - I'm going to use them on my wrinkles
Suzan says - I read that they help with wrinkles !
John says - I'm not picking any of that up for you -

And he didn't.  But I'm going to get some and give it a whirl - I'll let you know how it works.

We went to see a movie this week.
On a week day.
In the middle of the day.  I've never done that before !
I can remember when " afternoon delight " meant something else entirely but hey - I'll take a great movie
( any day of the week - how's that for a pun )
We went to see Brooklyn and I just loved it.
A movie about an Irish girl ( my roots ) who moves to New York ( I love N.Y ) and mostly filmed in Montreal ( my home town )

Isn't that an ugly word?
Actually it's a combination of 2 words
JAW and SCOWL - because it's what the lower part of your face does at a certain age.

I used to be Sassy - really - if I had to describe my character it would have been Sassy -
I'm just gassy.
Since the new year in fact - and it's bad.
Bad enough to keep me out of yoga because God Forbid I bend over and the whole room empties out.

John says - I'm afraid to ask but why is there a bottle of Olive Oil in the bathroom?
Suzan says - For my feet
John says - You're putting olive oil on your feet?
Suzan says - I'm going to try it - I heard it works..................

Later that night I came into the room - walking kind of funny - and making crinkling noises

John says - What the hell are you doing now?
Suzan says - My feet are soaking in olive oil - you have to wrap them in plastic bags and then put socks on over them
Suzan says - I've tied the plastic bags around my ankles and I have socks on to hold them in place !

It worked - holy cow - it worked - my feet are soft !

Putting plastic bags on my feet wasn't so alien to me actually.
When I was little my Grandmother used to make us put plastic bread bags on our feet before we put our boots on to go outside to play.
It must have been some left over measure from the depression era - to keep our feet dry?  I'm not even sure to be honest with you but it drove my Mother insane.
You know - looking back - in the 60's - we wore boots like these - you wore your shoes ( patent leather mary janes )  and slipped your foot into them ( I remember them with fur on the top part for some reason )
How did they ever keep our feet warm?  Especially winters in Montreal !
We were bundled up to within an inch of our lives - seriously - just the slits of our eyes showing - and then those thing on our feet - the one part of our body that actually walked IN the snow?

And I just remembered that our leggings had stirrups on the bottom of them which were placed under our shoes to keep them from falling off when we removed the boots !
Ice skating was just as bad !
I can still remember the pain of frozen feet when it was time to take them off

Memories ...............may be beautiful and yet
What's too painful to remember.................we simply choose to forget LOL 

Maybe that's why I'm able to slip my bare feet into my fleece lined boots today .
It horrifies John that I can do so - but hey - my feet came through the school of hard knocks LOL !
Fleece lined AND socks?
Too much - way too much !

Have a wonderful weekend everyone - they're calling for a mild one here
Mild enough to wear rubber boots ( and bread bags )


  1. Fun chat, Susan! Brought back a lot of childhood memories! I hated those boots that you wore over your shoes! I struggled, and struggled back then! Now I struggle just to tie my shoes - the older you get the harder it is to get down there. And speaking of Preparation H - I've heard of using that many times before and I too am considering buying some. Have you seen that video going around on the net featuring an old wrinkled woman applying a cream on the wrinkles just below her eyes and the wrinkles disappearing while you watch? Well, I was sucked in and ordered my "free" sample. It smelled like the old Noxema that was so popular as a teen. And the cream wasn't "free" cause you're bound to a monthly automatic shipment for nearly a hundred dollars a month. Now who needs THAT much wrinkle cream that really doesn't work? I canceled my order and had to pay for the "free sample" ($14.99) I received so that's why I'm going to try PrepH next time. I think that's really what I got anyway!

  2. We wore those kind of boots as well as did my children. We would put the bread bags over the shoes and then into the boot so the boots would slide off without the shoe coming off with it. Otherwise the child had to sit down and put the shoe back on. Just sayin'!

    I have also done the olive oil on my feet and I use grapeseed oil in the sauna.

  3. OMG memories. My dad used to have us put LARGE wool sock over those boots because they didn't have insulation. We would just play around in the snow in the yard. Never saw anyone else do that. The snow clung to the socks but our feet remained warm and we didn't slip on ice. LOL I love these thoughts and remembering my dad. Thanks

  4. Well isn't that the funniest thing? I wonder why he didn't put them on inside the boots where they would have stayed dry at least?
    You're right - they had no insulation whatsoever - just rubber - and leather shoes inside which must have froze? How the hell did we survive winter back then? Poor little things LOL !
    Have a great weekend - keep your feet warm!

  5. Oh gosh...I remember the plastic bag trick inside the boots...and putting our "shoed" foot into those boots!
    I also remember...everytime I got my 3 kids their of them always had to go pee!!
    Let me know about the prep H...hahaha!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!
    Linda :o)

  6. You are too funny! I remember having boots like those too! At least I think I did. They look very familiar to me. I didn't grow up in a state with a ton of snow, but I remember wearing them when it did. I don't know that I would've been brave enough to put olive oil on my feet and then get under the covers. Ha! Glad to know that it worked though. Winter does terrible things to your feet. I guess that's why mine stay covered this time of year. They will need a lot of work this Spring to get them presentable for sandals. I've heard of prep H working for under eye bags. It apparently reduces inflammation. Good luck using it for wrinkles though. Maybe it will work!

  7. I've done the "plastic-bag-over-well-lotioned-feet" thing before ~ but never with cooking oil!

    I've heard the Prep H before ~ thanks for being a guinea pig for us! I'm looking forward to your report!

  8. Boy talk about a blast from the past! I had these very boots only they were red, I hated them because #1. They were so hard to get your shoes in and out of them, #2. They left a red chaffed ring around my calf that hurt like a mother!! Lol! As far as the Prep H? I've tried it but not long enough to notice the difference, maybe if I would have continued use.......BTW, get the cream, the ointment is greasy😁

    1. AND they were ugly as sin - remember the boys wore the dark brown ones LOL ???
      Happy weekend Rhonda !

    2. I had to wear brown ones. Don't remember any other colours!

  9. We grew up in Northern California. Flip flops or bare feet all sumer and tennies or these black and white saddle shoes. I will relay that olive oil/plastic bag treatment to our daughter in New Mexico. It is so dry there one's feet actually crack around the heel.

  10. Heard that about Preparation H and wrinkles. Also, put a small dab on an itchy bite and the itch goes right away. As for wrinkles, I carry extra weight (a lot of extra weight) and it keeps my wrinkles full.
    Heh! I remember those boots and the ski pants with the elastic around the bottoms of the shoes so the ski pants didn't pull out. The boots we had had a buckle that we could tighten and then a heavy duty dome (snap) to keep the boots closed at the tops. Dad was in the Cdn Army so we wore the heavy woolen army socks over the shoes and rolled down the tops of the boots especially when we were out playing.
    My Mom had something like them only they were for high heels and for both snow and rain.
    Does anyone else remember something my Dad referred to (and still does) called "toe rubbers"? They slipped on the toe of the man's shoe, pulled back and pulled up the back of the heel. They barely covered any part of the shoe other than the bottom. Used mostly for rainy days! They never made sense to me.
    I still use plastic bags in my boots. My boots are old and have holes and until I can afford a new pair the plastic bags work. :-)
    Gassy! Yep, all part of the body getting older. For me it's mostly from milk products (lactose intolerant). I really need to remember not to be drinking anything when I read your posts - I just spit hot tea all over my monitor after reading your remark about yoga class. :D
    One last thing, read your co-host linky party. Really liked the picture that you showed.
    All the best,
    Cathy (London, ON)

    1. Yes ! I remember the big buckle ( but I don't remember the dome to keep the boots closed )
      And I remember my grandmother wearing the high heel versions with a little bit of fur around the ankles !
      Those toe rubbers you remember your Dad wearing - well JOHN STILL WEARS THEM WHEN HE HAS APPOINTMENTS WITH CUSTOMERS !!! I'm screaming because I find it hilarious that he still has them - he tells me lots of business people still wear them ! Too funny. Don't remind me of the yoga thing LOL - and thanks for the pic compliment - it's on the side of my blog though Cathy - always - look at the top right hand corner !
      Happy weekend

    2. Hello again, forgot about the fur around the top for the ladies.
      A couple of years ago I had to find a new pair for Dad - not that easy to find any more.
      You're right! No dome but the buckle slid through a piece of metal (?) and that kept them closed at the top.
      Ever since the change on your blog page I can't see anything down the right side without sliding over. Old and small monitor - still works, though.

  11. OMG - golashes! Your Grandmother was smart, unless it didn't work ... I doubt it wls have helped me because I put my boots into cold icy mud puddles to see how deep they were. Loved seeing the water rush over my boot top. Then had a day of school with cold wet muddy stockings and stirrup pants. Those were the days my friend 🎶. xo Patty

  12. Here in California I had the boots you pictured but in red. They were rain boots. And the patient leather shoes were so hard to slide in those boots. They had a button and a stretchy cord to latch them closed. But not snug so you still got wet feet. Even with those stir-up pants on! Oh the good old days. And your olive oil process works with your hands too! Happy Weekend

  13. We are rich in olives here as well. Good cure.
    AND Prep. H. has many uses---face, eye cream, moisturizer. Once I chopped some jalapeno peppers and my hands soon became burning and red. Prep. H. was the only thing that killed the burn.

  14. Hi, Suzy-Q, my Guru!
    I'd heard that models use Prep H a lot under their eyes to get rid of the bags.It would prob work on jowls. I'm glad you brought it up because I really need it on my jowls. I hate jowls! I sleep on my rt side and the gravity makes the left jowl hang over more so it is flappier than my rt jowl. I have tried and tried to sleep on my left side or on my back but I can't get to sleep that way. Getting old is not pretty and it is not fun, AND it is very scary! Getting old is not for wimps, and I am a wimp, so I am starting a whole new phase of anxiety with more heapings of insecurity! I laugh to keep from crying, but that doesn't help all of the time. At least you are 10 years younger than me! Here comes a spoiler....the real fun hasn't started for you yet. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news! Maybe you, in all of your witty-ness can put a funny spin on it. At least I got to retire is my only good take on it, and I LOVE being retired after working for 40+ years.
    Your posts make me feel so much better about my aging condition because you are so entertaining and funny and witty and creative--so I thank you from the very bottom of my heart. Oh, and Vaseline petroleum jelly with socks at night also works on dry feet.

  15. I remember the boots, and leggings with stirrups. I remember my mother curling my hair with spoolies. Anyone remember spoolies? Ha! Getting older is no fun...! Sheila

  16. WHY Can't we live near each other and be bosom buddies!! Ha! You are hilarious!!! Oh the whole gas thing is going full swing with me now! Had my gall bladder out three years ago and boy o boy! Let it rip!! Yikes! What the hell happened to my body! I think we are about the same age? I just turned 58! Well, not really! Last August but I am clinging on to my fifties for dear life!!!!! Oh and the boot deal was tooo funny! I had the pants with the stirrups! Oh! You brought back memories! My favorite pants were my yell whip huger bell bottom jeans! White Go Go Boots and halter tops!!!! Am I stirring any memories! Ha! Talk soon! Your Idaho,farmgal friend!!!

    1. Well I keep thinking this is just a " phase " of some sort that I'm going through - so don't burst my bubble ( of gas? ) please Cindy LOL !!!
      I turn 58 in April................I'm only just now getting used to the fact that I'm in my 50's - now that I'm dangerously close to my 60's..............
      Your Montreal city girl friend !!!

  17. Sugar and sugary products used to cause horrible gas. Cutting down changed my life....big time!! I'd love your take on prep h. I was always afraid it would shrink the skin under my eyes and Make wrinkles. I need to try it on my a--! Do you think it would shrink??? If so, I'll do a bodywrap. Lol. Oh, we used and I still use plastic bags for tight boots. It works and it's waterproof, too. Good deal.

  18. okay...what on earth are TOE RUBBERS??? We don't do rubber boots here. Texas...mostly dry...mostly warm. It will be 84 degrees day after tomorrow !!! CRAZY ! I used to do the lotion with plastic bags and booties at bedtime. If you have scratchy heels, there is something that works pretty well. Just can't remember the name. But it worked ! I used it every night. Gas? oh, my. Time to stock up on Gas-X, Suzan !

  19. I remember THOSE boots! Sometimes the snow was so deep it would cascade over the tops of the boots and get packed up inside and F R E E Z E in there and wind up scratching up the lower calves of your legs like little razors! OUCH! Golly to be young again! We looked like frozen snowmen coming home from school and then couldn't wait to get dressed up again to go outside and play in the snow! We would come back inside half frozen to death, only to thaw out and go right back out again. I remember two warnings! DO NOT LICK THE ICICLES HANGING FROM THE ROOM OR YOUR TONGUE WOULD FREEZE TO IT AND DO NOT EAT YELLOW SNOW!!!!! Memories! N

    1. We used to lick icicles like they were lollipops - but we were not allowed to lick metal sign posts - which of course I did - and your tongue REALLY does stick to them !
      There's a line in the book Angela's Ashes where someone tells Frank his ( infected ) eyes look like two piss holes in the snow LMHO !

  20. When we lived in Alaska, we used the bread bags. But our boots were mucklucks sp.? and they were all kinds of warm since every part of them were from a seal. :)

  21. Oh heavens Suzanne, had to laff about the yoga and gas. I'm in outpatient physical therapy now so am terrified I'll let loose, empty room out also. Sometimes all I have to do is sneeze or bend over and "whoops"sorry. Very unpleasant for me, (and anybody else in smelling region). I carry little box of matches in my purse all the time so if I have a blip I light a match to cover it up. just hope a clerk in store doesn't see you lighting match. I'm 75 but have had this problem for while.
    I can remember galoshes and also every time my mother put my snow suit on having to pee. Poor woman. My hubs still uses a pair of galoshes in our yard as it gets really muddy when it rains or snow melts, what a mess. Wish they had galoshes for dogs. Happy weekend

  22. I heard that haemorrhoid cream works on wrinkles but I was too scared to try it, if you would like to volunteer as a guinea pig and let us know the results that would be very noble of you!
    In fact this could be a whole new career for you - trying crazy remedies and publishing the results, you've already made a start with the whole olive oil/plastic bag feet thing :D
    Don't even get me started on gas, I seem to be jet propelled these days. No one ever tells you about this stuff, maybe they don't want to depress us too much in advance. I do remember my poor Dad inadvertently letting rip with what my mother always referred to as his '21 gun salute' much to our amusement, little did I know it comes to us all...

  23. I was always jealous of the boys' black boots. They had a row of very interesting buckles running up the front of the boot. They clanked if they weren't connected.

    I could never figure out why the snowpants leg went INSIDE the boot. The snow would get between the inside of the boot and the shoe or foot!

    We three sisters would have to walk about a mile to go ice skating. After we were done, we'd have to trudge back home absolutely frozen. We couldn't feel our toes. But, we'd do it all over again. We would walk through a park/ravine and skate at the casting ponds.

  24. Trying to pop by a few blogs whenever I have a few moments. I so remember those boots and those bread bags -I think it was supposed to seal the heat into your feet (little poem there) AND keep them drier than just the boots themselves would.

    I have been using your remedy for my feet- Gylcerin with saran wrap over it and then heavy socks. That really works, too...although here you have to SIGN for the glycerin because, apparently, there are idiots out there that use it make explosive devices!

    Let me know about the Prep H. lol I wouldn't want to make an ass of myself unless it actually works (see-I can pun, too). Hope you have a wonderful weekend- xo Diana

  25. Jowls. What an horrible sign of aging. I'm seriously thinking of having injections at the spa for mine. Have a great week. We grilled out like it was April. Where is the winter?

  26. Yep, I haven't tried it and my wrinkles will attest to that, but I have heard it works. I laughed so hard at your conversation with John, as I always do when you post about you two. My husband seems to always walk in when I am laughing so hard I'm crying and looks at me like I have lost my mind!

  27. We really enjoyed Brooklyn - sweet story.

    Oh, the things we try to soften our old body parts!

  28. Haha, we didn't have enough snow to ever have snow boots. So when we did get a couple of inches (once every five years), Mom would put bread bags over our shoes and secured with a rubber band. Didn't work very well - our feet would still get wet...just took a bit longer. Thanks for the laugh. I seem to be so far behind in reading. Hope your weekend has been great.

  29. galoshes, they were called and after the fifties I never used them, or saw any to buy either we had a lot of good inventions that fell by the wayside. I liked the idea of the oil on the feet in bed in plastic bags and socks, I am sure they worked well, but hard for the husband to hear the scratchiness and also if he felt it in the bed not very sexy, but bet it was worth it to make the foot soft again.. all the best J

  30. I didn't read all the comments, so someone may have already said this. Prep H does not work for wrinkles, but it will irritate the shit out of your skin. This has been around since the 1970s and every so often, someone raises the spectre again. Olive oil is used for many things, but cosmetic grade is somewhat different from cooking grade. I heard Dr. Oz say one day that Mediterranean women have used it for centuries as a personal lubricant. I tried it, and my advice is: don't. The other thing you mention about that gas -- get your gall bladder checked. That is a sign that it may be malfunctioning, and that will all go away if the gallbladder is removed. Hope this helps.

    1. What I read was adding a tiny bit to the palm of your hand and mix in your normal under eye cream and apply to the bags under the eye, not the top part.

  31. I've heard Prep H works on puffy undereye bags - b/c it reduces the inflammation in, uh, both needs. Ihaven't tried it but think about it then forget till I have a good cry from a sad movie or have too much salt in a late evening meal and wake up all puffy and gross. Then I don't, then I forget.

    Loved the movie Brooklyn and we did the same thing = actually saw a matinee as well - weird, because I can't remember ever doing that with the husband before. Makes ya wonder.....

    Loved those white galoshes - mine were red - across the pond they're called wellies. I would love to have another pair. I grew up on Lake Erie and always had cold feet during the years of the mini ice age and record-breaking low temps. I hear ya!

    I did the oil/wrapped/overnight feet thing once. Hubs had similar reaction - but it did work, but not worth the trouble. I have this fat roll up stick thing with tea tree oil in it that stinks but works as well without all the bother. I have a special pair of fuzzy sleep socks only for that use.

    And finally - you aren't alone - if you were UGGS they're not SUPPOSED to be worn with socks - the sherba lining keeps feet warm and dry and never stinky. I *always* wash my feet just before using them though so they last a long while. I don't want to risk them getting foul.


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