Thursday, January 28, 2016


Good morning everyone !

Last week I showed you the Diaper Cake my daughter and I made for her Sister - in - law's baby shower -
This week we made some cupcakes to go with it :)

You can used diapers by folding them in half length wise and wrapping in a coil

or baby wash cloths

folding them

and rolling them

add a cherry to the center ( pom poms from the dollar store are perfect ) attached with a tooth pick

and place into a cup cake holder

and voila - a baby shower gift that can fit any budget - a dozen wash cloth cupcakes could be made for well under 20 dollars for those on a fixed income..............or as a compliment to other gifts

To see the tutorial for the diaper cake we made you can click HERE

I've been very busy in the kitchen as you can see - time to have a cup of tea and a real muffin now!

Have a wonderful day everyone !!!


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  1. Them cupcakes for the shower are adorable. Never seen anything like it; diaper cakes, yes but not the cute little cupcakes.
    Now, if you would please, pass me one of Your muffins. I need something to go with my morning coffee :}

  2. I had seen the 'cakes' before, but never the 'cupcakes' ~ very cool!

  3. TOO CUTE!! You've done it again!! Love these, super creative! By the way, those muffins look fab! :)

  4. Hi, Suzan,
    Those cupcakes are just as cute as the diaper cake! They are just Great ideas for a baby shower!
    My daughter is undergoing treatment to get her ready for invitro. She's been married 2 years with no luck. She's my only child. So maybe there will be a baby for me to make me a Granny in the not too distant future, so I will keep these wonderful ideas at the ready! She lives in San Francisco.(I have been worried, tho' about the Sika virus going around--They like to travel, so I hope they don't go anywhere if she gets pregnant!)
    I hope your back is better!
    It is 81 today here. Again I am cheated out of winter. I should be used to it. It has only rained up north, but only twice in Dec., here in the Southland! I'm gonna run away from home and go find one of Trump's or Romney's hundreds of Vaca' homes and squat in there 'til I get caught, and then move on. I'll bet some of those extra homes of those billionaires don't even get used. Better yet, I could wear a maid's uniform, and when I get caught, I'll just say I'm one of the staff! I'll pick one of their mansions where they have seasons! Whaddaya think, Lucy? I'll have you over as my guest,'K. I saw an old movie on TV once of a guy who did that! Ha!
    Love ya,

    1. That diaper cake came to roughly 70 dollars - so the cupcakes are definitely more affordable for those that don't have that kind of money to spend !
      That Sika Virus is terrifying the shit out of me Laura - Jesus how he wept - how many more diseases are we going to be bombarded with? And me ( and mine ) are mosquito magnets - seriously they swarm around us like crazy - I can come in with welts all over my body - and John doesn't get one bite !!!
      I wouldn't be so disappointed about being cheated out of winter LOL - it's pretty mild here too believe it or not. I think I saw that movie - it sounds familiar - but I wouldn't want to stay anywhere that Trump owned - yuck - he turns my stomach - can you imagine being caught by him? He'd spend a couple of hours lecturing me on how his homes are the biggest and the best and just over all tremendous - then he'd send me back to Canada and build a wall..............and make me pay for it.

    2. Suzy-Q,
      You are totally right about Trump, LOL! I was just thinking I'd like to take advantage of him!
      I AM a mosquito magnet too! I ought to charge everyone around me a fee for keeping the mosquitos offa them when I am around! I too get covered with welts while my husband and everyone around me gets nothing! Plus I think I am allergic to the bites cuz they not only welt up,they get purple and streaky-looking like I have some kind of martian disease, and they leave a mark, a scar, or an indentation in my skin after it takes weeks for them to go away. I have a long indentation, like some of my flesh under my skin got eaten away after one of the bites healed. It's been there for years!People ask me what happened to my legs and arms in a horrified manner when they see the ugly welts on my arms and legs after I've been bitten.
      I read an article in National Geographic that a lot of different kinds of problems we've never even thought of, will start occurring due to Global Warming, because some insects will die off due to warming or they'll change, and others will surface, and bacteria and viruses that weren't around before will start to flourish and change. Some natural predators from insects to birds to bigger animals and plants will come and go, impacting our globe in different ways. For Example, the mosquito that carries Sika virus didn't use to before--I don't even know if Sika existed, but now it does. I think it is scary for future generations!

  5. Cute ideas! No baby showers in my immediate future, but I'm going to remember these clever ideas. Thanks!

  6. Cute cupcakes for the baby shower. I did a diaper cake for my daughter when my grandson was born 5 years ago. My little man will be turning 6 in 2 weeks. Time sure does fly by!!

  7. Eeeeeee! Super cute! :D
    Now I wish I had a baby shower to attend (as a GUEST only).


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