Sunday, February 19, 2012

Another one

we're picking this up today - not a lot of work to be done on it because it is being painted white ( ASCP ) and the handles will be changed to chystal knobs - I love that it is French Provincial without all the fuss ( I do love fuss - but no fuss is easier lol ) and will appeal to more people because of that. I love her pretty little delicate feet - a simple but classic piece of furniture - the absolute best kind.

BTW - coffee table did not get sold - it was too small for the customers needs - ( even though I specifically gave the measurements before they wasted their time coming over ) Entry way is getting more and more crowded - pretty soon people will have to use the back door, lol ( the servants entrance, don't you know )
And only someone who does this could understand living this way!  I remember going to my brothers house and he had converted his living room, right off the foyer, into a playroom for his kids - and I thought " how strange " well it doesn't beat mine I tell ya, here I sit with a storage room smack in the middle of the house when you walk in.  And when we have company it all gets hauled into the bedroom with the door securely closed so no one sees this ridiculous situation!

God love me, because I certainly make it extremely difficult for anyone else to, lol



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