Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Black and White

My 2 favorite colors - since like always.......................

I love how clean each color makes the other look - how crisp the overall picture becomes - how soothing to the eyes -
Don't get me wrong - color is beautiful - it brings life into otherwise drab spaces - but in my perfect world color would be on the outside, and black and white would surround my interiors - they bring a feeling of peace to my rather chaotic world - even photos are more enjoyable for me to look at when in black and white.
So with that mindset - I convinced Nella to go with Pure white walls in her rather long hallway, and black doors,
all 10 of them ( yes, she has 10 doors in her hallway )
Here is an example - though I am not finished - and there will be artwork in black frames when we are finished with the paint.

I forgot to take before pics - but they were painted an offwhite  - ( as were the walls ) and looked
very drab.................for me this is such an impact - it is the first thing you see when you enter her home and
it screams sophistication -
We have to pick lighting - and I think the black coach lights are going to win ( fingers crossed )
More pics to follow -

In the meantime more black and white rooms -
 Jessica Helgerson Design
By Elizabeth Dinkel Design Associates
I want that floor somewhere in my house ( foyer or kitchen? ) classic, timeless, gorgeous.

and again ( already posted this pic this week - but too bad - love it so much I may post it once a week
for the rest of my blog life )


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  1. Very Coco Chanel! All that's missing is a gorgeous red lipstick, lol!


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