Monday, February 27, 2012

I've been busy

Believe it or not - I am still painting black doors at Nella's - I am using oil based paint for durability - and each door needs 2 coats - with a 24 hour wait ( some of them took 48 hours ) between each coat..............

10 doors - 2 coats - on 2 sides - that 40 times............................again my incredible math
skills come in handy, lol - almost finished now.

And I have started on my dresser

and then in the midst of this - I have decided I have to do some kind of quick mini face lift for the kitchen.

I can't look at it anymore really - and do not want to do a big change in there because I think next year we
will be relocating it entirely - we have a small office off the dining room and would like to have the kitchen
installed there - makes more sense, which is going to be major work, indeed.  ( back in the day builders thought it was smart to put kitchens at the end of very very long hallways - and the dining rooms near the
front of the house which would work if you had a cook I suppose like a mini downton abbey, lol )
So have to do a little magic that does not cost too much money for now.  It is very dark and dingy - and the decor is horrible - the previous owner had very peculiar taste to say the least................

I am painting the cupboards - and putting a stencil pattern on them................the walls are being
painted white - and that back splash - oh God how sickening is that,  will be changed for this

and I will have a jar of old cutlery - love it - and a spritzer bottle laying on it's side too, lol

from Home Depot - 20.00 a panel but they are large and I don't think I need so many - I am
going to try to install these myself - hopefully it won't be so hard to do.

my next dilemma is the counters, they also have that sickening orange tile on them ( I refuse to
call them terracotta )  what can I do on the cheap?  I was thinking of a granite tile perhaps.
Or even a laminate of some type - they are usually a good price - and at this point anything
would be better than what is there - a sheet glued on would look better - astro turf would
look better - a pc of plywood - anything except those tiles - I am crazy enough to have a slab
of quartz installed even if just for a year - but I have to stop doing things like this - it's just plain
stupid and a complete waste of money ( still - the thought is very very appealing to me and if
it wouldn't cause world war 3 I think I would )

and if that wasn't enough on my plate I have started working on this too!

hmmm - see what I mean about the hoarder looking space?  nice clean mirror too.
the top of this piece had tack paper all over it - with that faux grain wood, lovely.
have peeled it off -

when I say I am out of control - I mean I AM OUT OF CONTROL - nuts -
and ready for a vacation.



  1. I need to get me some of that energy, lol!

    I was thinking for your countertops you could try Stoneffects: "Apply Stoneffects Stone Coating on a variety of countertop surfaces – including laminated plastic, stone, concrete, tile or wood, and then apply the Stoneffects Epoxy Countertop Coating. The result is an inexpensive alternative to countertop replacement with a finish that is both durable and beautiful, with the look and feel of granite."

    I took this description from the Home Depot website.

  2. Why not paint the counter? Its cheep and if its going away in a year, go bold. They make paint for tile and counter top paint.


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