Monday, February 6, 2012

Update at Nella's

On the weekend we found this piece ( looks very much like a Restoration Hardware piece - for 399.00 which was a steal ) and I cannot tell you how good it looks in this space - we stole the mirror from her dressing room and most of these accessories come from Chapters believe it or not.
Today was mostly work you cannot see - scraping paint off the window panes - finishing ceiling molding - waxing the coffee table ( with Annie Sloan clear - love it ) painting the french door to the living room.  Not so rewarding -
We are on the look out for a rug - and a seamstress who can make Roman Blinds.  A little torn about artwork as well.  I have to paint out the T.V. stand - but I can see the light now.

If you look through the mirror you can see a medallion on the ceiling - where lighting used to be I suppose -
Wouldn't either of these be awesome?

Oh and the white has begun at my place - lol

I did it on purpose - because I do not have anymore of  the gray that is on the walls, by doing just a few brush strokes of white I have no choice now but to go all white.  I like it against the black french doors!

Night night all


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