Monday, February 6, 2012

Let the arguments begin

I have always had a thing for white ( a vivid childhood memory is jumping up and
down on my bed crying as a little girl because my mother was trying to put navy blue
socks on me which was mandatory with our school uniforms and I wanted WHITE )
I only use white towels - I only use white bedding - sheets, blankets, comforters -
My table settings are always white - I have a thing for white t shirts white blouses, etc
BUT I have never painted a wall white in my life.
And after posting the pics of the house for sell down the street from me - not to mention
all the magazines that I subscribe to - I have decided to paint the house white.
This has become the new argument du jour in this house,

I'm painting the house white John
No, you're not
Yes John actually I am
No, Suzan you are not painting the bloody house white
I will show you pics and then you will agree
It almost been 2 years John, it's time to paint ( really it's only been 15 months - but that's like
2 years with my disorder)
You are not painting the house white Suzan, period - ( he gets up and leaves the room )
You'll love it John, I swear to God, ( me running after him - right behind his back )
oh yes honey - I most certainly am - next time  you travel then I suppose -
Stop Suzan - enough is enough -

When are you going on a sales trip???????

Those that know me - undoubtedly know that the house will be painted white.
Those that know John - undoubtedly know that he will love it.

and then my newest friend Stacy ( from Conspicuous Design on my sidebar ) posted
50 pics on Black and White rooms - the most inspirational blog for me - and the deal
was cemented - for me at least. The below is one of the photos she posted

I am more determined than ever.

Off to Nella's this morning - will post pics of progress tonight - it's starting to come together.

Have a good day all

( btw - his boxers are very colorful - those he can keep if he must )


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  1. Suzy, that was so sweet of you to mention me! The room you picked as an example was my favorite from the post, too. I do hope your husband agrees, or that you do it anyway :)


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