Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mirror, Mirror, on the ....................

I love mirrored furniture - really really really love it.............and am looking for a mirrored chest to keep
my t.v. on in the living room - I think every home should have at least one item of mirrored furniture in it - if not for the sparkle, then for the sheer glam of it, don't you?

All of the below images are from HORCHOW  ( )

O.M.G. - just a bed and this in my bedroom would make me very very happy


Wow, they all leave me speechless.
Pier 1 also has some nice pieces - called the Hayworth line - they have a beautiful
mirrored headboard I would love to buy.

The linens look pretty forlorn on such a pretty bed, don't they? What were their stylists thinking?
I want to rip that off and remake it, that bed deserves so much more!

On another note,  it looks like winter has finally arrived in Montreal, 3 weeks before Spring
is due, it's a winter wonderland out there - for the most part it has been abnormally warmer
with small patches of snow here and there - which were all but nonexistent yesterday
but today looks like this

Have a good Saturday! ( I have to dig my boots out again )

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  1. I totally agree -- LOVE mirrored furniture, especially Horchow's. And believe it or not, they have some decent prices from time to time (except they get you on the shipping!)


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