Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Progress on the fireplace!

Today was very productive - I painted out the fireplace for Nella ( my girlfriends place I am decorating )
and painted the living room - just have the trim left - and the windows and doors -
Then the fun part starts - decorating - what I live for really.

Here is a photo of the fireplace in progress ( has since been finished ) I did not take a picture of before
but it was RED BRICK - picture Santa Claus coming down the chimney red.
By the way - out of the 3 colors on the wall - she has chosen the soft gray blue on the top center of the mantel I was literally holding my breath on this one, I really did not like the 2 yellows - but she kept saying she wanted warmth - I know enough by now to know that any color can work once you accessorize, but I can't help it, I am always drawn to cool colors - grays - blacks - whites - that's who I am I suppose - I see everything in black and white, lol

And here are a few photos of the room which I absolutely love

That Ikea t.v. stand will be painted out black - and hopefully the t.v. will kind of fade out - uggh - mentionned before I hate t.v.'s in living rooms?

and her window wall - I just love love love this - this is very common in the section of the city that she lives in
( N.D.G. for fellow Montrealers - where I lived until last year ) the radiators are so special, we both had a glass of wine on the weekend perched on 1 each - discussing plans for the room - with really warm tushes.

my plans include incorporating this stencil work somewhere in the room in white

and I am hoping she goes along with it - have yet to discuss it with her because she gets very overwhelmed by all of this - and I have to mention things 1 by 1 to let it absorb, lol - for me it's nothing - I would do it and if I didn't like it I would simply change it - but I know most people put a little thought into things, lol.
I once painted my living room 4 times in a week until I hit the exact shade I was looking for - no joke.
I may pull a Suzan on her and just do it while she's at work - thank God she's a friend - can you imagine doing this with a stranger client?
Too bad - I like it ( lol )

She is looking for sconces for above her mantle ( the original ones from the 40's or 50's are there - and they are homely - so I directed her to Elte Furniture ( one of my favorite furniture stores - check them out online - you'll see what I mean instantly - oh and check out their rugs - to die ) and she found these,

love the circular pattern, they are a contender for sure but we haven't made a decision yet on lighting.

That's all for now folks, won't be going to her place today - it's hair day - sit in a salon and have my hair washed, dried, and straightened - so that tomorrow I can put it up in a clip - and put my painting clothes back on. Do not try to figure me out - nobody can.



  1. I love the grey colour you picked, much better than the yellow. Can't wait to see the room finished!

  2. So good to find another person who will paint the same room four times in a week...I swear I've done that more than once!

  3. wow what a great looking room will be wonderful by the time you are done!


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