Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My ceiling dilemma

I have started to paint the white - and am not sure what I want to do with the ceiling - here are some random pics of the plasterwork ( it runs entirely throughout the entrace way - living room and dining room )

seen through mirror over mantel
entrance - these angels in each corner may have sold  the  flat to me they're in each corner
and are supposed to bring luck - still waiting
hmm - I am liking the gray - oh oh - maybe everything else can be white and I'll leave that gray
where it is?

I once saw a victorian house with the ceilings painted silver - and it was gorgeous - but I am hesitant
with ceilings - they are a lot of work especially ornate ones like these.  Walls I can paint and repaint
as many times as I feel like - ceilings? not so much.



  1. I know...ceilings are hard to keep repainting. I posted a photo of a room yesterday with a black ceiling -- it was awesome!! I wish i had the guts to do it :) Silver would be beautiful, too!

  2. I hear ya. I hate painting ceilings... thanks for contacting me. So so glad to see a fellow blogger on my side of the world. I see we like very similar bloggers on your blog list. Miss Mustard Seed inspired me to start blogging, which lead to other things, which lead to Annie Sloan Paint, which lead to opening a boutique.
    I just joined your blog to keep in touch. Glad we could connect and I look forward to meeting you at the Store.


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