Monday, February 20, 2012

The problem with T.V. ( again )

Last night while flicking the stations on T.V. I saw advertisements for a woman who is in love with her breasts - she loves them as if they were her children, the ad claims.  Someone else is in love with their car - to the point that he has a sexual relationship with it ( do not try the visual on that one - I did and all I can think of now is this person and a tailpipe ) They make the woman who is addicted to cat crunchies seem like a normal person.

On another channel they were showing a hoarder whose home is infested with rats and their feces, and another man who was crying because officials were rounding up rats that he considers to be his pets.
Empty nest syndrome?

Further down the dial you can watch the mundane acts of people buying houses and complaining bitterly about the paint colors the previous owners used - Oh the drama - what color will the new owners use?
Do we change the channel in disgust when it is not a color we would choose?

We watch shows about people who have dozens of kids - as they go about their daily lives sweeping the floors - preparing dinners etc
and we watch as a young simple mother of 8 - becomes a diva before our eyes and turns our
stomach with her " all about me " selfishness.

We watch DWTS - and judge as if we are expert foxtrotters and twosteppers.

We watch American Idol - Amazing Race and Big Brother - while doing nothing but sitting on a couch or laying on a bed.

We watch Cooking contest shows and decide who should win as we eat dinners we have ordered in. Or worse we simply watch people cooking - instead of actually getting up and do so ourselves.

We watch Celebrity Apprentice and decide from early on who is worthy of winning and complain bitterly that it's fixed when we are proven wrong.

Something is definitely wrong with this picture - it's time to turn it off and get back to the art of living I think.

For me?

Think I'll stick to my paint brushes and furniture obsessions - at least I am living my own reality and not someone else's.....................................

( and I will always love my children more than my breasts, lol )



  1. You have to admit these shows make us feel semi normal, lol!! Yes there is a LOT of crap on TV, and I'm not a fan of reality shows. I'm especially worried about parents who let their kids watch stuff like The Survivor, where all they do is stab each other in the back. What does that teach them? We watched half an episode when it first came out to see what all the fuss was about and then we never watched again.

    All this reality TV is definitely enabling the voyeurists and exhibitionists in people. Not healthy. Yes let's stick with our paint brushes!

  2. I love your blog, and you are so right about the idiotic shows on tv today. I stay away from those "reality" shows, it's meant to dumb down the american people. How much "thinking" do you need to do while watching dancing, or people fight? And I limit the time and shows what my children can watch as well.


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