Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'll have that on ice ( please )

I am really torn with all of this - there is such guilt in hating winter because of global warming -
Our winters are nothing like the winters of my childhood - when we could literally jump off
balconies and land in a snowbank a few inches below.  This winter, except for a few cold days here and there, has been exceptionally warmer - and in December I was afraid we would not have a white christmas.
We did - and that is really enough for me - and if the planet were not in such peril - I would say the following.

" This is the time of year when I start to get fed up with winter - the salt stained boots - the coats that are starting to look a little ragged - the slush that looks dirty - the longing for something, anything green,
This is the time of year when I start looking longingly at my pretty summer dresses hanging forlornly in the closet - when my skin looks so white, it turns me off, when I want to smash the shovel that sits on my front porch ominously reminding me day after day that yes, Suzan, there is still more to come.
This is the time of year when I debate going to Cuba or Mexico or Florida and when I am on last minute deals as a past time. "

But, alas, the planet is in peril and so instead, maybe I should just get in the car and drive up to Quebec City and embrace it............................

   and perhaps book a room here - at the Ice Hotel

Who knows how much longer these cold winters will be with us -
Maybe it's time to start treasuring them again.

( but I still hate that my boots have salt stains on them )



  1. I've hated winter since it started getting colder in November. I hate winter with a passion, to the point of global warming? Bring it ON!

    And I will never, EVER! spend over $200 to spend the night sleeping on an ice bed in a sleeping bag. EVAH!

  2. get cheap, rubber, wipeable boots!


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