Thursday, May 28, 2015


This mudroom that's taking an impossibly long time to finish must have been built for a few reasons............

First and foremost it's where the washer and dryer are
Secondly for storage
And thirdly it was a way to keep the door to the basement on the inside instead of the outside of the building.

The door has an empty space on top of it - like a cubby - where for the past year we've shoved as much as we could possibly get in there............with cords dangling from it - and tools precariously placed ( I was always sure a drill would end up on John's head every time he opened the door to go down there.
But now that I'm trying to make something of this space that just wasn't going to do any longer.

I needed baskets or bins - and I wanted them to be burlap - and I wanted them to be grey ( the entire room is white and grey )
And what's more - I have this disorder that entails me having what I want the moment the thought strikes my mind.............which is not easy when you're still in your nightgown in the middle of the day - with paint brushes and paint tins - and a ladder and boxes all over the floor around you.

Did I just mention boxes?  Eureka !
I think that's the first time I've ever said that word in my life.
I think it may be the last................Good Grief - one too many Archie comic books as a kid

I always wanted to be Betty - but I find as I'm getting older I'd take Veronica's life actually.
And just like that - I completely lose my train of thought.

Okay here's a box

I bought a few yards of grey burlap last year because you just never know ( amirite? )
I ended up making a sail boat which I never showed because...............I have no idea why actually.
Anyway I cut enough fabric to cover the 3 boxes that were laying around my feet...............
And stapled it on to the box  ( if they come loose I'll glue them later but for now it works )
Three of them  -  the exact number I needed - AND they fit perfectly

They look small in the photo - but they're actually quite large.

BUT -  I was never going to remember what I had in there...........NEVER - and so I made tags - out of a fence plank - cut into squares.
I just gave them a quick white wash and  stencilled " back plates " using chalk paint so that the wording could be changed if I want to switch out the sander for oh I don't know - monkey wrenches?
Of which I have no clue what exactly a monkey wrench is - but it's obviously something monkey's use
I'm not that blonde. ( actually I'm so overdue for the hairdressers that I'm not blonde period )

I figured I would just attach them with binder clips

But the wood was too thick - so I ended up stapling some black ribbon and then attaching the binders to the boxes and the ribbon.

If you're wondering why I need a box designated for shims - this house is almost 100 years old -
Enough said?
I think it's basically being held up with shims.

So now this little addition off the kitchen is a laundry room - a craft room - a mud room - and a tool room !

I'm glad I found something else to use the burlap for - because 3 yards to make this

Seems a tad excessive, doesn't it?

Have a wonderful day everybody !
Much love,
( I think I'll get dressed today :)


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  1. Okay- I LOVE them- love the idea BUT my OCD is kicking in and I want the signage to line Very, very cool storage and I LOVE your cute little boat! xo Diana

  2. At first I thought you had regular colored burlap you'd painted. I don't think I've seen grey burlap but it sure is pretty. Huh, I may just "borrow" your idea...I need to organize the closets at the farm and want it to look nicer than plastic bins and I have burlap and boxes. (Yes, I buy three yards at a time too because you never know) ;-)

  3. A+ for recycling/reusing the moving boxes! I still have a few from when we moved 4 years ago ~ I've made several things out of them.

    Why get dressed?!?! :)

  4. Good on you... and I love that little sail boat!

  5. How did you read my mind on the shim box? I actually ran several options through my mind trying to think what it stood for as no one could actually need a whole box of shims...or so I thought! They used to call the Utility Rooms before Mud Room became popular. I think I know why now.

  6. The "boxes" look good, very good! And I love your sail boat, using drift wood? Looking good also. But what I like the most are the words..."monkey wrenches, of course for monkeys. You always bring a smile with your clever wit..blonde or not. makes my day!!!

    1. LOL - I really don't know what a monkey wrench is - I'm going to google it right now so that I can totally embarrass myself.!
      Your comment just made my day Bonnie - so thank YOU !

  7. Oops, just realized I commented directly to the email instead of your post, a blonde moment! Love the burlap boxes, pure genius! I hope John appreciates just how clever you are!

  8. Seriously, you need to come here NOW and do something here. Honestly, your head would be spinning. On top of a house needing 24 hour TLC we have a barn, with a walk up loft. You would go crazy on the things you can do! I'll get the wine and be your go-for. Love what you did, noting short of amazing. Seriously! xo Patty

  9. When I first saw the boxes I thought they'd been purchased in a store! They look really nice. You are quite just don't pull the boxes down too fast and have all of your shims tumbling around your head! :) Should that happen you'll probalbly holler something stronger than Eureka, ha ha :)

    Deb from The Sacred Eclectic and Frugal Little Bungalow.

    1. Thanks Deb !
      Never mind the shims - there's electric sanders and drills up there too - they'd hurt like hell landing on my head or foot LOL

  10. I like your boxes especially the shim one. . I need one. My house was built in 1940. Have a good weekend. xo

    1. Thanks Thel !!!
      Hope you're enjoying this weather ( is it as hot in Gaspe as in Montreal?

  11. love the storage ... love the burlap ... love the tags ...

  12. great storage solution and great use of the burlap.
    Like your little sail boat as well of which you will have something to play with when you take a dip in the pool. :}
    With all the rain that we have been having, we need an Ark. Having a very hard down pour at the moment. Will probably receive another 4 inches or more once again. Have had well over 15 inches of rain so far during the month of May.
    Have an enjoyable weekend

  13. I have a whole drawer of shims...use them all the time.
    This is an adorable idea...and since I seldom like things "all in a row, lined up perfectly", I love that you made different lengths of little cute signs......

  14. Oy, I don't know what just happened to my comment, so I'll start over. The boxes and the signs look great - I may have to try that in my closet. But, I can't stop laughing, as usual. I have that same instant gratification disorder...and your "I'm not blond anymore" comment has me howling!

  15. Fabulous recycle for Home Depot boxes and your tags are awesome, paper clip and all!

  16. I'm still amazed at the little plus signs that come out of the cursor? LOL Yes, first time visitor. This is a neat idea for the boxes and one I believe I may be capable of pulling off. Love it!

  17. You are always so resourceful! Love how the boxes turned out and the labels hanging from the ribbon is perfect! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  18. Love pretty storage, especially when it can be made out of something as basic as a box! Great idea using the fence plank for your tags.

  19. Thanks so much Jamie - they look better than brown boxes with Home Depot written on them lol


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