Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I WANNA live there Wednesday # 127

Good morning everyone !

Instead of showing a house that most of us will never be able to afford - I thought I'd go a different route this week and show you a fixer upper - with amazing potential.
I decorated it completely last night - with lots of WHITE and maybe some gray's
A brand new kitchen -
Floors -
For the price you could easily fit reno's into the budget - ( these prices are unheard of in Montreal - wouldn't happen - we paid almost 4 times the amount of this one - and it's far inferior )
We share a border with this beautiful State so it's one I'm familiar with - let's go !

Built in 1917
4 beds, 2 baths
2158 sq. feet
Lot size 10,454 sq. feet

That built in / pass through could be such a stunning feature - look at the crown molding on top !

A window seat would be a must for me in that window area

It looks like the floors could easily be restored to me - and there's pocket doors - gahhhhhh !

And white walls would do wonders ( after they were replastered I think ) but there's lots of windows

Stainless steel - White Carrera Marble - New floor !!!

With a butler's pantry !!!
O.M.G. - with a butler's pantry
And the cabinetry looks to be in good shape actually !

The doors are gorgeous - it looks like they have original hardware too ( check out the oval back plate ! )
And the rosette corner pieces ( forget the name for them ) are beautiful too !

Look at those drawers built in on the side of the stairs

Here's a bedroom - I LOVE that there's a large window just outside it at the top of the stairs
Check out the original high baseboards

As much as I LOVE the railing - it looks a little low doesn't it?
But that newel post !

I guess this is the third floor

There's more pics on the site - if you click the link in the description above.
It looks like a place where hippies crashed in the 60's to me - I can picture lots of beads hanging everywhere lol !
But what do you think?
Does anyone else see the amazing potential in this home?
I'd love to see Nicole Curtis ( from Rehab Addict ) get her hands on this one................
I'm in love with it !
( well I'm in love with the bones of it would be more truthful I suppose )

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone -
From me
To you




  1. I love it... Just spent an enjoyable breakfast time decorating it and have now moved in......just got to persuade hubbie to move 2893 miles !!!! Like you we spent at least double that on a wreck compared to that. X

  2. 'So pretty! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. What a lovely old house ~ it only needs some TLC! That 3rd floor would a a perfect craft room/art studio ~

  4. Wow, so much potentail here, i love it!!! A lot of elbow grease and tons of paint should get it in pretty good shape.

  5. That could be a really beautiful home in the right hands. It sure has a lot of potential! What a great price too. I wonder what the neighbourhood is like.

  6. It definitely could be gorgeous! The third floor is a riot! What color. LOL. Maybe teenagers called that their spot. :D That woodwork is so beautiful in the rest of the house. wow.

  7. Talk about pass-throughs!!! This is one we are considering taking a look at. Katie still doesn't have a full-time position, but maybe it's time to get a house anyway. It's close to the ocean...kinda...,-NC-28462_rb/ It's "dated", and we probably wouldn't change much. We're OK with (most of) the wood. We might go see it.

    I love the pass-through on the one you showed us. The price is right for us!!! But, the snow is oh, so, wrong! It's a beautiful house, but more than we'll ever need. Love the woodwork. (I always hate to see bathrooms in most houses. They turn my stomach! Especially if they're gross, like this one!)

    I loved seeing this one.

  8. I love these old homes! You certainly have a great insight on how to fix them up! I was staying at a B & B in Nevada City and noticed the banisters and door handles were very low. Asked the owner as to why and she told me that during the time that the old homes were being built, most of the people were not nearly as tall as they are today. While there were exceptions, the majority were shorter so homes were built accordingly! Interesting at least; don't know if it is necessarily correct. Nanny

    1. Oh I love them too !
      It's true that people were shorter 100 years's also true that there were no codes - so kitchens - bathrooms - railings - were often built to the homeowner's specifications - not a general code!

  9. oh wow... just what you and John need. Another project!

  10. What a wonderful old looking house. Love the looks of it and Oh, what potential it has.
    What fun that would be to remodel and decorate; starting by enclosing that porch and making into a sun room

  11. I love it too. It has a lot of similarities with my home, the pocket door, the rosette corner blocks, the drawers built under the stairs, the large baseboards and the low railings. I just ran upstairs to measure and it is only 27 1/4" high! Actually if it were any taller I wouldn't have gotten my mattresses up the stairs.

  12. How fun would it be to bring this baby back to life? Love, love the pocket doors, the butlers pantry and the drawers on the stairs. I buy it in a heartbeat if it wasn't so far away! Could never leave all of my sweet grands! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  13. Now THAT is the kind of house that we've like to buy and fix up. It has some great detail features, just a lot of cosmetic stuff that needs to be done. I think it's charming...or almost charming. :-)) I can just imagine what you would do to transform this place, Suzan.

  14. Whata steal! If one is young enough to see it through to completion......So many authentic details. Add about 30,000$ worth of total re-wiring and another large sum for re-plumbing and heating update & installing insulation and the rest is a walk in the park. You would have this place looking authentic and gorgeous in no time. Isn't it too bad we all have just one life to live and only so many houses in a lifetime to restore? I can picture this place with authentic repro wallpaper and lush draperies and "the real thing" dining room furniture. And a butler in that kitchen! (Ditch the gross counter tiles!!)
    This place is what dreams are made of. Thanks for sharing......

    1. Yes !
      I finally posted one you like Marje LOL !!!
      I'd love to get my hands on this one - it could be soooo gorgeous !
      Thanks so much


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