Saturday, June 6, 2015

Flowers and Garage Sales....................

Good morning everyone !

Well well well - you just never know when it's going to be a good day ..............all of them should be but you know when you're renovating sometimes there's some pretty crappy ones thrown into the mix.

On Saturday we picked up some flowers - we're so behind this year ( working on that God Forsaken mud room - that's still not finished ) and coming home we came across a few garage sales.

Nothing looked really interesting until we passed the last house.

I almost broke my leg jumping from the van............seriously.

I flew out and ran up to the woman standing there and practically screamed in her face

" Are you freaking kidding me ?"

To the lady with no manners !!!
It has a mechanism underneath to expand it....................

John says - when we got back in the van - You could have said " Good Afternoon " that would have been a more appropriate greeting
Suzan says - I was too blown away !
John says - Who runs up to a perfect stranger & screams ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?
Suzan says - I do - and she's not a perfect stranger anymore.................she showed me her kitchen she's renovating - we're practically friends now -

Wow - what a gorgeous kitchen they're creating btw - they opened up 3 small rooms to do it - just beautiful!
Hi Susan !

Then I was going through some books - and right there in front of my eyes was James Michener's
MEXICO - which I had on my list with Amazon.........she threw that in.  ( I'm in the midst of reading KLONDIKE by him right now )

Ready for some more?

A large chippy white porcelain basin for 2.00 - it's as large as a baby's bath but

there's holes drilled in the bottom because it was used as a planter..............I'd like to somehow incorporate it into the mudroom - although it would be perfect for ice ( pool parties )

And this pot which was thrown in.................I'm definitely painting it ( also has holes drilled in the bottom )

2 of these for 2.00 each

This little folding chair - which a daughter painted in summer day camp many many years ago - I almost feel guilty painting over it - but paint over it I will - isn't it an adorable plant stand?

She had country music blasting - I wanted to ask for a beer and break into a line dance.............but John would have left me there.
Should have asked anyway.................they live pretty close

John bought a small work table ( black and decker I think )  which he desperately needed - and 2 electrical heaters ( which we need to install in the mudroom and front porch - neither rooms are heated )

What a haul..................

And then - right after - John and the boys went to pick up a dresser and an end table ( with a mantel and a mirror as well )
Which I'll start on later today - it's knotty pine which means I'm going to have to shellac first :(

I NEVER go gararge sale ( ing )  I think I need to start !

We only bought flowers for the front - lots of flats - some taller ones - I need to get my hands dirty today !

The pool's getting shocked today  as well..................and then we can concentrate on the garden - check out the wine colored peonies getting ready to burst !

Donald and Daisy like 'em too

Unwelcome Squatter/Squawkers
I'm not as shocked by them as I was last year ( HERE )
Just a little disgusted
And those weeds between the pavers.............dear Lord.
I have to keep reminding myself that it'll look like this again ( hopefully soon )

Have a wonderful Sunday one and all
See ya tomorrow


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  1. Oh that table! What a great find!! And I'm a sucker for enamel anything :)Here in Florida we have yard sale season year round,which is wonderful! Love your blog!

    1. Well I think I'm officially hooked now - honestly, I never go to them ! ( ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? )
      Thanks so much Lisa !

  2. What a haul indeed! Those tables are amazing, some of them open up 5 or 6 leaves!!! Now you've found a new friend,
    I've got to try that line, it obviously works!

  3. I am a heathen this morning and instead of getting ready for church I am reading blogs! Great finds at the yard sale. I get the best stuff at yard sales. I have picked up most of the furniture I have bought at yard sales. It is just another reason to like spring - yard sales start!

  4. Lots of goodies. Just for the record my pool is shocked ever time I walk out to it not fully clothed.

  5. $25 for that table is a steal! The mechanism on the underside is a sign it's a great piece and I'm sure pretty durable. Garage sales are hit or miss, but this looks like it was your "hit" day for sure!

  6. No kidding, are you kidding me! Gorgeous table and the pots and shelves .... It is a good thing you and I don't live closer, we'd be 2 crazy women doing u-turns and stopping in the middle of the road (which I do do, with my sister in law tsk tsking all the way...). I love garage sales, but I have been told no more stuff (or as my son calls my 'collecting' trinkets, trash and treasures). Teehee. Love your haul. Mix up vinegar with lots of salt and spray on the pavers. Or if you aren't worried about salt huting pavers light wet the area and sprinkle salt and lightly water again.. As it dries the weeds suck up the moisture the salt soaks in and kills them. xo Patty. (ps get the chunky salt at dollar store etc cheap.)

  7. I need to go garage sale hunting with you.

    I have been wanting an enamel bowl like that to put on our birdbath stand - the bath broke years ago. I have a cute enamel bowl, but I'm not ready to give it up for use in the house.

    Happy painting and "projecting".

  8. Love the table ~ giggling @ your greeting! I went garage selling yesterday, too ~ 2 blue and white porcelain pots for a buck each, and side table paited white in perfect condition. Not as grand as your haul, but fun to talk with folks.
    Happy painting!

  9. Are you freakin' kidding me?!? What a steal! Sounds (and looks) like you got a good haul. I may need to start going to some garage sales too. :-)

  10. WOW, you really did find some wonderful treasures. Love the table. Maybe you can find some sort of epoxy to fill those holes in. Google it and maybe there is a product you can use. They are great finds.
    Your flowers looks great and they will be so pretty when you get them planted. I have 1=1/2 flats to plant.
    Have a good week, we are expecting 90 tomorrow, so need to get my work done early.

  11. Hilarious Suzan! I would have flown out of my vehicle shouting pretty much the same thing (except knowing me I would have thrown in one or two expletives) and received the same lecture afterwards from Mr. Frugalista. Quite the haul for both of you and a kitchen reno tour to boot...nice.

  12. What a steal on that dining table! It's beautiful. I love the old enamel pan and pot. I used 3 of them (kettles) for my back deck flowers this year and love them. Spray vinegar on the weeds in the stones cracks. Works like a charm and may even deter the 'quacked' from visiting.

  13. Isn't there such a thing that is the equivalent of a large razor for skimming off those weeds coming up amongst the pavers? Someone should invent one! Personally, I use weed killer if too many crop up to be pulled by hand, but I know some folks have objections to the chemicals. Sure beats being on all fours pulling weeds for hours and then having to crawl over to a tree to get some support to try and stand back up.

  14. Dang! Talk about hitting the Jackpot of deals; You done good.

  15. Take the enamel bowl and cut a hole in the knotty pine dresser to drop it into. Then put the dresser in your mudroom or porch as a potting bench, which could be cleared and used for drinks during parties...(don't forget to send my invitation!)...and maybe put a cover on the pool to keep your feathered friends out?

  16. OK, Susan, win, win, win. Wow, such great finds, great prices, looking forward to seeing how you change them.

  17. Whoops, Suzan, spelled your name with an s.


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