Sunday, June 14, 2015


John says - The house smells like a funeral parlor

But he's wrong

The house smells like peonies

It's been raining every day - and the poor things were on the ground - so I ran around ( in the rain )
trying to save them

After removing 3,438,342 ants from them that is.
I think one's crawling up my leg as I type

Suzan says - And while we're talking about funeral parlors - I want peonies when I go
John says - Go where?
Suzan says - you know - go 
John says - Why the hell are you saying that?
Suzan says - Just so you know - they're my favorite and that's what I want
John says - Will you be leaving instructions on how to decorate the room too?
John says - You're morbid
Suzan says - No I'm not !!!  I just know what I want, that's all
Suzan says - What type do you want?
John says - A Venus Fly trap
Suzan says - Well you can't just have one - I'll get you a whole bouquet of them !!!
Suzan says - Oh and I'd like my casket to be white - lightly distressed please - maybe a stencil on the inside as a little " surprise ".
John says - You're sick you know.

So now we have that out of the way - these things are important you know

Almost as important as saving Peonies from the garden

If I were an artist I'd paint them
But I can't draw a stick figure to save my life - so instead I'm just very grateful

That for a few weeks every summer - they grace my garden
I love all flowers - really I do - but none quite as much as the.......................

In a mason jar.............

Have a wonderful day everyone ♥
I have another furniture makeover tomorrow :)


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  1. Lovely photos! My peonies are not open yet. (And the tree I told you was a cherry tree turned out to be a flowering crab apple)

  2. Too funny ~ I had just read this, then came here...

    Alas, I have no peonies :(


  3. I love peonies too, Suzan. I love their gorgeous colors, ruffled petals, and of course, the fragrance. Unfortunately, there are none gracing my yard at the moment; I've just got to do something about that. Enjoy your beautiful blossoms today. :)


    Denise at Forest Manor

  4. Peonies are my favs Suzan. I love them too but they are very delicate and if it rains they do need to be saved. Yours look so pretty. Have a great week.

  5. I'm glad you rescued some peonies to enjoy indoors, minus the ants. That's the only thing I don't like about these beautiful blooms. I cut some lupin today for the house but they're on the deck.....because they have lots of tiny bugs in them!! Ew. Sorry you're stuck in the rain belt this week. We've had 3 days of sun in a row which is amazing. Tomorrow will be #4. Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow for you because I think your rain is coming here on Tuesday. Have a good afternoon.

  6. You are to funny Suzan. But I agree with you I would like a white casket distressed around the edge. My grand daughter picked me a bouquet of peonies from the neighbors yard! lol I really have enjoyed them. lol Love your photos. Have a great week. Jo

  7. Your peonies are beautiful,and i am glad you saved them now your house is beautiful and you have some lovely flowers for your rooms.Have a great week.

    1. Thanks so much Marlene - but this house still has a lonnngggg way to go !!!
      The garden however.................sigh - they did something right with the garden that's for sure !!!

    2. Thanks so much Marlene - but this house still has a lonnngggg way to go !!!
      The garden however.................sigh - they did something right with the garden that's for sure !!!

  8. Your peonies are gorgeous and I love the blue jar. A perfect match. We don't grow peonies where I live. It just gets too warm. But last summer, we bought a lake house in the upper part of the state (SC). I have really enjoyed seeing all the flowers and shrubs that came to life this spring. I don't even know the names of some of the flowers. BUT, I found one peony plant in a back garden bed. When it bloomed, I shrieked! I was so excited that I could finally grow peonies! Amazing what flowers can do for you. Until now, hydrangeas have been my peony Thanks for sharing yours.

  9. Love your peonies, they are so beautiful and smell divine! I had a similar conversation a few years back, my husband doesn't like to discuss such things so to be sure my family was on boarding told anyone who would listen. I wish to be cremated which of course brings up the issue of what to do with my ashes. My husband suggested sprinkling them in my flower beds. I told home no way since the house will be sold some day and I'll be left in those beds with strangers! Who knows if they will even be gardeners? I don't want to be in the same urn for eternity either, I thought my family could change it up for the seasons you know as a decoration for the mantle. My brother reminded me that I was the only one who would bother to decorate the mantle. So what to do with my remains? I decided on 'goody bags' filled with my ashes at the memorial so any one that wanted some could take them and spread them where they wish fulfilling my life long desire to travel...something else my husband doesn't care for. Gives new meaning to "you want a piece of me?"

  10. When I first moved into my house, the peonies that the last owners had planted just blew me away! Fuchsia, white, and pink. The neighbors would take pictures. I was so excited to bring a big bouquet into the house (ants and all) and spent the next two weeks sneezing, coughing, and rubbing my eyes. But I was determined to enjoy them, doggone it! I toughed it out until they died a natural death. That was twenty years ago. The next year, I decided they looked prettier outside where everyone walking by could enjoy them. Now I even avoid using the back door till the damn things die.

  11. Till the damn things die LMAQ !!!
    That's hilarious !
    Ok - between you and me? It DID smell a little funeral parlorish in the house this week ......shhhhhh

    1. Well, don't even get me started on the Lilies of the Valley right outside my door. They smell like old lady perfume.

  12. Beautiful pix Suzan! I so wish I could grow peonies in Florida...they are so gorgeous!

  13. Ah, they're beautiful. I don't blame you for saving them. Sadly, they won't grow here. I guess I'll enjoy them vicariously.
    Have a good week!

  14. So lovely that you have your peonies to bring beauty to the yard and house. My mother used to put the tin ant traps at the base of the plants. Less ants to deal with, they will open without the ants, some people say they won't, but they will. A smal annoyance for such a sweet beaty. We have had sun this weekend and it was wonderful! The lupines and daisies and a pink flower I don't know the name of are blooming along the sides of the roads. But in my garden there is a neglected patch of peonies that I hope will bloom soon, there are buds. The irises have opened their buds just today and 2 scraggly azeleas have bloomed too. The garden is still a mess until the house is done. That will be next years chore. xo Patty

  15. Tell John that he can't have Venus Fly Traps. They are "a rare species of carnivorous plant that grows only in a certain region of North and South Carolina." ( You wouldn't believe how fiercely they are protected. I think the fine goes up to $2000 per plant, and usually when one plant is poached, hundreds are. ( Here are the laws in 2000: With the continued poaching, the fines have climbed. Katie is teaching biology, and she wants to show her students how carnivorous plants work, so she has written to the NC Fish and Wildlife Services for permission to obtain a single flower. She won't even be taking the plant leaves or roots. She hasn't heard from them yet. Tell John he certainly opened a can of laws and fines!

    That said...

    I love your peonies! I had some in my yard where I grew up. We called them "Ant Flowers". Recently, I have learned that the ants help the peonies bloom by licking at the sweet stuff that holds the bud closed. So, those ants are quite helpful. I think it's too hot to grow them here in NC.

    Well...this is probably more than you wanted to learn today! Enjoy!

  16. I like peonies as well and better the fragrance. When living in Iowa I had many of the fern peonies growing in my back yard garden. Oh, how I miss them. They make the home smell so nice, plus it saves on using air fresheners.
    Unable to grow them here in Texas; too hot in the summer and not cold enough in the winter. :{ The one draw back about peonies........the Ants. Anything I hate is having ants crawling around in the house as well as flies. Face it; I Don't like Any insects in the house. Their place is outside.

  17. Your photos are amazing! I just love how you did it with the mason jar.
    I love peonies too.

    How is the criminal hunt / retirement plan going ;-)

  18. I think peonies grow here in western CO, (Grand Junction) not sure but think so. Think they grew in KY also but not sure. I'm not too flower proficient but do love how yours look, very prertty, sans ants of course. Enjoy them while they last. Wish we could grow hydrangeas, too dry here, too much alkali in our soil. Happy week love your pitchers.

    1. I'm not lucky with hydrangea's. At all. I buy a plant every year - watch it die - and just keep buying them lol

  19. Your peonies are beautiful and your conversation with your husband is hilarious! Years ago we had two peony bushes in our backyard. One was right under the dryer vent from the laundry room, and it always grew twice as fast and twice as big as the other one :-)

  20. Beautiful peonies...and so what if they smell like a funeral are both alive! I, too, love the smell of peonies, nothing compares.


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