Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I WANNA live there Wednesday # 129

Good morning everyone !

When John and I were frantically looking for a house last year ( ours sold in record time which was completely unexpected )  we looked at a few houses in Hudson.
It's such a charming little town...........close to water - with small " mom & dad " shops all along Main street.
But having lived in the city all my life - it just seemed a little too far for me.
Now that I'm ( somewhat ) getting used to the suburbs - I think I would have been fine.

Especially if this little treasure had been available !  What a delightful little vintage home !
It's small - but oh so charming - with a little effort it could be a real show stopper !

$ 274,500
Built in 1913
3 beds
1 bath
Siding - Cedar Shingles

It needs landscaping - and a wrap around porch..................but lets just look at the house itself !

An enclosed porch

That staircase !  The transom window !  The molding around the living room door !  Actually the living room door !  Can you see the charm packed into the foyer?
WHY am I seeing snow flakes falling - and a Christmas tree right around the corner LOL ?


I love the floors

I love how the living room - dining room - family room - and kitchen flow together - the perfect blend of open concept and designated spaces.

The kitchen floors needs sanding - a center island installed ( with a cook top )  - but I could even live with the existing cupboards - painted of course - maybe remove the bottom doors and replace them with a full linen skirt?

With a vintage AGA stove under those cupboards on the far wall

Check out the old porcelain sink

I can't see the door - but it needs to be a French one - most definitely !

A brick wall behind the stove in the family room ?

I'm even in love with the shed !

I showcase so many stunning homes on Wednesday's that leave me in awe - with my jaw hanging open -
but these little farmhouses?
These are the ones that feel like " home " to me.
And melt my heart.

Do you see the potential ( or have I lost my mind at this point and everything looks better than the one I bought lol ? )

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone !


  1. John should be very afraid. I sense a longing in you to start over again. That aside, the inside of this house is magical after your words bringing the rooms to life. I could see every change you would make except the brick behind the wood burning stove...maybe a lighter touch there? If you have any idea what those paint colors (or do you say it colours up there?) might be I would be so appreciative.

  2. No girl, I agree.....this is a wonderful farmhouse. I love all your ideas, too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. It is a darling house with lots of potential! I like it a lot.

  4. I love this house a brick wall would be great.Just a little TLC and it would be perfect.

    1. I think so too !
      I would have bought this place in a heartbeat had it been available last year !

  5. Such a wonderful fixer upper. It wouldn't take a lot to get this darling home in shape. Thanks for sharing. Jo

  6. Yes, why the hell wasn't something like this available... Everytime I cruise the MLS listings I find better cheaper properties than the green acres we bought! If I only knew then what I know now ... xo Patty

  7. Oh no, I agree! It's full of charm and potential. Too bad you can't buy it and make those visions a reality. It wouldn't be as big as a nightmare as the current one. hm, John better watch out. LOL.

  8. This is absolutely darling, so much charm! A little landscaping and some interior add ons to make it your own are all it needs! My only concern is what appears to be electric baseboard heat, that could be quite costly. I suppose the wood burning stove would help with that. Love all the homes you find and share!!!

  9. It's lovely and doesn't look like it needs too much work. I think you would enjoy living in Hudson, it seems like a nice town.

  10. LOVE it!! Just my style~~~Blessings~~~Roxie

  11. This home is absolutely charming!!! I really like the antique door used for the bathroom, all of the crown moulding, even the paint colors. This is a home I could move right into especially after a full wrap around porch was added.

  12. What a great farmhouse.

    Had you bought this one, your crazy conversations would be limited because it doesn't look like it has any weird things to correct.

  13. I would definitely have to somehow add an extra bathroom, but I just love the floors! They look (and probably are) SO OLD! Love it!!!!! And the little stove just sitting there looking gorgeous. I made the same mistake when I purchased my home, I kept looking for suburbs and now I wish I had gotten a really old one that the realtor showed us in the FOREST! It was perfect just so far away from everything. Oh well, we only get what we can handle I think. Maybe one day :-)

    1. I'd add another bathroom too - and maybe a powder room on the main floor !
      But I love everything else !
      Thanks Karla xox


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