Monday, September 7, 2015


Good Morning All !

I picked this up at Home Depot about a month ago................I think it was 7.99

First I stained it.................and then I made a couple of signs out of shims................

I dry brushed  them with some white chalk paint - and than used stencils and a sharpie for the rest

I simply attached it with binder clips

The stain took to it so beautifully

It'll sit on the washer or dryer - I'm going to get another one to put castors on for magazines - but in the meantime we decided yesterday that we'd go for an impromptu ( how's that for a fancy word - I know I know - what a command of the English language ! ) picnic so I decided to quickly turn it into a picnic basket

John says - What in God's name are you doing?
Suzan says - Taking photos for the blog
John says - Sometimes I think you try to outcrazy yourself from day to day
Suzan says - WHY?
John says - What are you - 5 years old?

Suzan says - But today's the day that the teddy bears go on their picnic !
Suzan says - If you go down in the woods today - you're sure of a big surprise - if you go down to the woods today -  you'd better go in disguise !!!

John walks away - shaking his head -
John says - C'mon Soda - Mommy's losing her mind again

Suzan says - Wait !!!
Suzan says - You forgot your disguise !
Suzan says - Can I take a pic of you in yours?
John says - Buzz off

Well I don't have a bee disguise - so these will have to do I suppose.................

I'm the foxy fox by the way..................

Now excuse me - I have to work on releasing John's inner child's gotta be in there..............

Have a wonderful Monday one and all !
Happy Labor day !
( Ashley just may go INTO labor today now that I think of it ! )


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  1. $7.99. I never see them for that price! I put wheels on one and use it in my classroom for the teddy bear books and the teddy bears! Hopefully, today is Labor Day for you.

  2. Thanks for the great big smile this morning! Hubby's nickname for me has always been 'TeddyBear"...

    Re: Ashley ~ I love having been born on Labor Day!!

  3. Popping in to say Hi and see John is in his normal "man mode" I remember that song and it made me kind of nervous when I was a kid because we DID have bears in our woods. lol
    Have a great day and here's hoping for a Labor Day labor! xo Diana

  4. I like how you transformed the box! Pretty cute and the signs are sweet. Using the clips makes them interchangeable so easily too. I remember that song from my childhood and apparently I used to 'perform' it for company. LOL I vaguely remember singing it. Enjoy this holiday Monday - hot and windy and humid here. xo Pam

  5. I love what you did with the crate. I live in the woods, so I guess I need to start looking for a disguise before I go outside!

  6. Aww, you make my day!!! Where else could I go to get my daily dose of chuckles and to get my DIY fix!!

  7. I love the way you made the new look old. I'll have to try that! I'm always looking for old crates and boxes but have found these in the crafting stores. Yes, this could happen.

  8. So cute. I love all the ideas but I think the picnic is my favorite.

  9. Outcrazy yourself!!! Brilliant! Hope your big surprise is a healthy, happy baby boy and Mom soon. xo Patty

    1. I wish I could get the expression on his face as well - because it's absolutely priceless LOL !!!

  10. Only you to turn something as an ordinary crate and turn into something beautiful and useful

  11. Teddy Bears' PicNic was the very first record (331/3Rpm) I ever owned. Being an only child I had teddybear picnics and tea parties all the time, with this music going on in the background. Cute post and project, I have 4 crates sitting on the front porch right now, always thanks for your humor, knowledge and smiles! Sandi

    1. Aw Sandy ! Your first record !
      Mine was the Wizard of Oz but I remember my Mother singing Teddy Bears Picnic to us all the time !
      I want to get some crates for the front too :)
      Thank YOU

  12. ...just adorable and I LOVE the idea of rollers for magazines.....too cute.

  13. Never lose touch with your inner child - acting 5 is what makes life fun! Your crate box whatever came out great, and I bet you could find a lot more uses for it :-)

    Hope you and the bears had a great picnic :-)

  14. I so love the many ways you are using the genius of placing a sign on the crate to change up the use of the crate!....So cute and so very clever!!

  15. I didn't post all summer long only to come back and see that YOU are staining instead of painting..... strange things are happening LOL! Your laundry crate is very pretty Suzan. I actually need something like that for my laundry stuff. Inspired here :)

  16. I have to find one of those. Will be checking Home Depot soon. Great idea for the signs.

  17. Let me know if that "inner child mining" works. I've got one here that needs some help.

  18. I love your idea! I need one of those. Thanks for inspiring me. Jo

  19. How clever! It sure makes a great picnic tote too. Thanks for sharing at VIP.

  20. Oh my gosh, I haven't heard that song in forever ago. I was doing a chair dance with my glass of chardonnay while listening to that clip. And yes, I can't get that bloody song out of my head now. Guess what I'll be dreaming about tonight...I hope their friendly bears.

  21. cute re do! There's a box of old teddy bears in my 20 yr old son's bedroom sitting in that exact crate....hmmmm ...maybe I can bag them up and stash them in the attic and swipe that crate!


  22. well, I am pretty boring. I painted mine white and stenciled some numbers on it.


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