Tuesday, September 1, 2015

ALWAYS ON THE LOOKOUT - and a new piece !

Good morning all !

Last night I came across this ( queen sized )

with beautiful curves

and this

both of which I think - with a little paint -  would compliment the dresser I posted yesterday

perfectly !

Fingers crossed that they're still available.

We did - however - pick this little beauty up !
It's small - but would make a large night table or end table with it's TWO drawers and a small cupboard

And if you're wondering where the second drawer is

Isn't that just ingenious ?

The one great thing about always being on the lookout for furniture is that you sometimes come across the coolest pieces !  I think this one has to be a keeper - God help us because it's getting a little ridiculous now with the things I can't let go of.   I'm going to need intervention at some point - or a 31 day stay at a
FAA ( furniture addicts anonymous )  it's a tough habit to break.

Have a great day everyone


  1. I do not know how you find the time to search for great pieces, fix them up, fix up your own house, tease John ...

  2. I hear you sister! Support group?Addiction clinic?What will it take to stop my itchy fingers from cruising the beautiful pages of Craigslist !?
    I have tried I really have!
    Gotta run picking up a piece from a craigslister!

  3. I love that quirky little chest! Too bad I don't have a place to put it... I know ~ prettify it, and save it for when I move up there!

  4. Perfect place to put the chamber pot when the water runs out!
    Nice little nightstand. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

    1. I never thought of that Marje - I bet that's what it's for !!!
      Thanks !

  5. Susan. Hi I am your latest GFC follower. I am getting inspired as I read on...

    1. Hi Debby !
      Welcome to my insanity LOL and thanks so much

  6. Wow, that's a cool little chest. But I'm with Art and Sand...how do you find the time? :o) Hurry and paint it so we can see the great makeover. LOL.
    Love the bed frame and chest too.
    Hope your week is going well.

  7. Replies
    1. AND it was available Susan !!!
      It's in the van now as I type xoxo

  8. You find so much good stuff, I can't believe it! That last one would be perfect to put a sink into, like I did. http://followyourheartwoodworking.blogspot.ca/2015/06/bathroom-renovation-part-5-commode.html

  9. But Suzan.... you CAN'T be in FAA... you can't be anonymous. We KNOW you !!!
    oh.... and send that little chest to me, please. Because it was my birthday. Thank you.

  10. ha ha ha
    "My name is Suzan, and I am a furnitureaholic".
    "Hello Suzan, welcome to DIY Furniture Painting Anonymous"

  11. You do tend to find the most amazing items Suzan! At least you could meet up with like minds at FAA, probably not a good idea as you would all toss around a few ideas and then go to the flea markets together!

  12. Nice finds and I'm sure you will find a chamber pot to put in that drawer. I just hope you don't actually use it!

  13. Thanks Maureen ! ( have no desire to find a chamber pot though LOL )

  14. Nice finds! I recently lost all the furniture adds I had kept on my computer when it broke down and I'm lost!


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