Tuesday, September 8, 2015

An End Table makeover

Good morning all !

Most people go out early in the morning to have a cup of coffee ( or tea )
I dart out with a piece of furniture.
In my p.j's
With my hair up in a clip.
It's not pretty.
But this is, isn't it?

When I spotted this little table ( with a headboard ) I thought it would coordinate nicely with the dresser I did last week ( HERE )

Even though they don't have the same lines - they're both French Provincial - and by tying in the colors they do look like a set, don't they?

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - Paris Grey & Old White - you can never go wrong !

The knobs were painted to match the dresser's too

I just KNEW when I saw this ad for sale

that it was meant to look like this

Now I think maybe I'll make a tea - and go outside with it - and pretend I'm all normal like !

Have a wonderful day - we've got another heat warning in effect here today
Good old Montreal hit 41 with the humidex yesterday ( 105 ish in American talk ) and more of the same today.- any physical work I need to do has to be done by 10 a.m.- so I'd better move my butt on the headboard

and Soda wants to go for her morning ritual

Much love,


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  1. They look so much happier painted ~

    Stay cool ~~~

  2. the brown finish did not do anything for the end table feminine curves. your makeover looks wonderful.

  3. Oh, wow!
    You need cool, we need rain in the Appalachians...... the paint must dry right fast in that heat.
    But paint on, girl, you have the magic......

    1. It's cooler today Marje - AND looking like a rain storm is on it's way so we get both !
      Paint takes a lot longer to dry in humidity unfortunately - a breezy day works best :)
      Thanks so much

  4. Stunning....and if little Soda gets any cuter, how can you stand it?

  5. Beautiful as always.
    Soda is a little cutie as well

  6. Beautiful re love. Little Soda is too adorable.

  7. So pretty and they will blend together perfectly. Humid here too, I was wiped out from walking the neighbours dog. Have a great evening Grammie to be!!! Teehee! xo Patty

    1. Thanks so much Patty - it's still hot here and we're the 18th of Sept - unbelievable !!!

  8. You did a beautiful job and you'd never know they weren't a set! I wish we were closer to each other because they'd be perfect in my guest room! And I love them, Suzan! :D
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

    1. Aw thanks so much Lynda - that's so sweet of you !!!

  9. Holy Cow!, and OMG!, and OMD! (the dog blogs I go to all use OMD!--get it? 'cuz I didn't get it for a long time, then I had to work on BOL! But I KNOW you're smarter than me, Lucy, so I KNOW you'll get it.) Now let me see, where was I going with this before my Magpie A.D.D. set in? Oh, Yeah, you are amazing! The end table looks JUST LIKE the dresser after you performed your MAGIC on it! You mentioned that they have different lines, well I can't tell--they look identical to me after you performed your art on them! They look much richer and prettier than they originally did! Before I read your narrative, I thought that the table was part of the set that either you found somewhere else, knowing how good you are at hunting neat stuff down and finding it, or that you bought them together. It is just a sooper-dooper job you did! They are gorgeous! So where do you get all of that energy? I really envy you! I guess it is the same ol' story of the haves and have-nots! I have no stinkin' energy or talent! Oh, well, at least I have 2 cute doggies whom I adore. Your Soda is pretty darn cute, too! See, you have a Doggie, too! Woe-is-me, I AM Ethel!
    I really love the way you said: "I think I'll make a tea - and go outside with it - and pretend I'm all normal like!"
    That SLAYS me 'cuz it's reassuring to me to think that there's someone else acting all normal-like--- like I try to do, but dang it, it just won't stick for me, Lucy! When I read that, I just got this picture of you skipping out there with a tea in your hand going "la-la-la-la-la-la" trying to act all nonchalant, which is how I would do it when I am trying to act all normal-like! ......No? Maybe I'm doing it wrong....
    And my meandering "commentary" would not be complete without some complaining about the temperature. I am shocked that it was as hot yesterday in Montreal as it was here in FOREVER HOT Southern California! Now I know that our planet is going to H--LL in a handbasket, (and I am in the handbasket), (and today, it was even hotter here in my city, which is not along the coast, so it is always much hotter than what they quote for So. CA in the weather reports! It is 108 today on my back porch in the shade!) But I thought that after Labor Day it started to get all Autumn-y back East, especially in way up there in the North, Canada! (That's my romantic get-away view of where you live that I fantasize about to escape the HEAT here.) And now you are saying it is as hot there as it is here? Oh where, oh where can I escape to get away from the heat? The whole West Coast is in a drought and has fires all the way up to Alaska! Our heat never lets up. I don't think I've spared you my rant about the drought and not having had any of even "our style of mild winter" in the past 2-3 years!
    Thanks for putting up with my long whatever you want to call it, but I just wanted to say you are a very TALENTED and funny lady, and I love it! I coulda just said that--right?--------- NAH!
    Laura/Hazel/ex-Lucy/now Ethel

    1. Your comment is twice as long as my post LMHO !!!
      I don't have that much energy Laura/Hazel/Lucy/now Ethel - just an insomniac basically - so a lot gets done when the rest of the world is sleeping !
      I keep telling climate change deniers that they have to come spend some time in Canada - last winter at Christmas it looked like Texas for crying out loud - very bizarre - truly nothing like my childhood weather memories - and I can't remember it ever being that hot in September before - we went on that picnic and I literally dove in the pool seconds after getting home ! Maybe we have to go to Siberia to escape LOL??? ( although I read something recently where they're experiencing unbelievably warm temps too.
      I did NOT skip outside singing la la la la - because that would look abnormal don't you know? But I skip around the house singing constantly LOLOLOL !!!
      Thanks so much LHELNE !

  10. So pretty and delicate now - good choice of colors!

  11. Wow, what an incredible difference...another ugly duckling becomes a swan. It's approaching 105 here also:-(
    Thanks for sharing at VIP.

  12. Oh nice! That looks great and really with both pieces painted, they do look like a set! Soda looks so cute! How is she doing nowadays?

  13. I probably would never notice they weren't a set if you didn't point out the difference. It's stinking hot here, too, and I'm not getting much done. Why the heck would the chilly summer decide to warm up right in the middle of canning season!

  14. You can send that heat to Alberta if you like - I've been in sweaters for days and turned the furnace on over the weekend.

  15. I love the changes you made! Great job :0)

  16. I love the difference you made!! Love those colors! Visiting from Savvy Southern Style.

  17. I love it Suzan, and if you didn't know you would definitely think they are a set. Love the combination of the two colors and the little differences make them even more fun and unique! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  18. Oh, a little sister to the big beauty you already painted!

  19. If you were my neighbor, I could sit and watch you fling furniture around the yard while I sit and drink my coffee...
    Lovely table, a perfect mate for the dresser. The magic of paint!

  20. Beautiful ending for that forlorn orphan of a cabinet!

  21. Amazing makeover! They go together as a set for sure :)

  22. Hi Suzan
    I just Love your makeover.
    You are welcome to join my
    Hugs from HÃ¥kan in Sweden

  23. Hey Hope you are well, Just wanted to touch base with you and make sure you are enjoying the party! This party compared to my Fabulous Friday party is really busy and tracking you guys down is not easy, leave me comment so i know you are here next time.. Hugs Maria.. P.s love the end table

    1. I didn't leave a comment? I never do that !!!
      Thanks for letting me know Maria - and sorry about that - I can't imagine why I didn't

  24. Suzan, great job on the end table! Although I have been known to redo a piece of furniture in my Pjs ( you are not alone:) I can't do anything before my coffee! I hope it has cooled off there since you wrote your post and you had a nice weekend. Thanks so much for linking up your projects at Dream. Create. Inspire. Link. Please join us again tomorrow night at 8 EST. Take care, Tara

  25. This makeover is fabulous!!!! I am doing a very similar piece with the same shiny brown finish. Of course I fell in love with your color combo - just hope mine turns out as amazing as yours. Question - did you sand the shiny finish at all?

  26. Hello Beautiful, you are so creative! Thank you for sharing at the Friday Favorites Link Party! Please join us again to share what you have been working on this week. Christine @ Must Love Home


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