Friday, September 11, 2015

A Friday Chat ( about this & that )

Good mornin' - Good mornin'
It's great to stay up late !

I missed you last week !  Grab a coffee - you know where it is ....................

When I was 11 years old my Mother took me to my first concert.
I had a mad crush ( when I think of it  - it was an extremely weird crush for an 11 year old to have ) on
Glen Campbell...............
I adored him and still listen to his early music on a regular basis.

Such are the dreams of the everyday housewife
By the time I get to Phoenix
Gentle on my mind
Wichita Lineman
Hey little one
Try a little kindness
and of course - Where's the playground Susie ( which I pretended he was singing to me personally )

We share a birthday - Glen and I.- which at 11 years old was kind of magical.

By the mid 70's - in my early teens - I had moved on musically ( Disco Queen ) and he had moved on to a drug and alcohol dependency.
Eventually I was cured of disco - and he was cured of drugs and alcohol.

Did anyone else watch the special on his battle with Alzheimer's?
Absolutely broke my heart in half.

We went to a lot of " country & western " concerts in the late 60's - early 70's.............the last one being
Tammy Wynette and George Jones because I became far more interested in seeing Bob Dylan ( the Hurricane tour ) Rod Stewart - The Beach Boys - Sonny and Cher - BTO - Queen ( the famous Queen Rock Montreal - ( HERE  - I watched it a bit to see if I could spot me in the audience LOL ) and countless others.
Those were the days when you could earn 10.00 a night for babysitting - and spend it on a concert -

I can't imagine a young person earning 150 dollars a night babysitting in order to buy a ticket for a concert today.  Just pitiful.  The state of affairs today is truly pitiful.

For some reason I feel like I may be repeating this next story but hear goes anyway.

During one of Rod Stewart's concerts he was smoking on stage and as part of the act he threw his cigarette on the floor - extinguished it with the toe of his shoe - and kicked it off stage - where I promptly caught it.
I carried Rod Stewart's cigarette butt in my wallet - in a baggy - for at least 5 years.
He smoked Gitanes in case any of you were wondering.
I would have bought the " program " had I earned more babysitting - sometimes you have to take what you can get.
I also had Ron Wood's guitar pick and someone or other's drum sticks.
Should have saved them all - I could have made a killing on Ebay...............that butt would have been priceless in today's market LOL

The Montreal Forum was an intricate part of Montrealers lives.
It's where the Shriner's Circus came every year.
It's where all the concerts were held.
And it was where the Montreal Canadiens played hockey.  22 Stanley Cup championships were won at that old building.
When a newer - larger building was erected it seemed that prices shot through the roof.
We went to them all - it was part of our " right of passage "
Today it's a  damned privilege.

Why is damn a bad word?
Don't get it at all.

In England Bloody is a bad word - I get that even less

Politically Correct.

Last week's post on I WANNA live there Wednesday - reminded me of gypsies with all of the color in every room...................which made me check to see if gypsy was PC -
It's not.
Someone suggests you use " colorfully clothed person of travel "  LMHO - but Romany ( or Rom or Roma ) are the accepted terms today.
Which made me wonder if there were more slurs for white people than I realized.
Here's some slurs for your reading pleasure.


There's hundred's of them - who knew?  I actually kind of like CAUCAZOID to be honest with you.
Next time I have to fill out my race on some form or another - that's what I'm going to write !
I may even write a rap song using it !

Ok - picture me hopping around on a stage - ( with my jeans down to my knees )  my hands pointing downwards and I'm kind of angry

Here we go - ( I'm singing it to politicians - none in particular - all in general )


What do you think?
Patent it?
And nobody better ever call me a cheese head or bird turd.................them's fighting words.

Here in Montreal - growing up - the French and the English kids used to get into some pretty wicked name calling
They called us Tête carrée  ( pronounced tett - carray ) which translates to SQUARE HEAD - this was usually said with laughter and sometimes anger.
We more commonly heard Maudit Anglais - which means Damned English - not so terrible really - it was more the way it was said - almost spat out with a sneer - that made it offensive.
We called them Pepsi - empty from the neck up - which evolved into Pepper's ( Dr Pepper )
Either could be said with laughter or spat out with a sneer - we were very versatile like that.

Don't blame us - this was way before the politically correct movement came into play - or common courtesy and respect for that matter.

We had a fly problem last week.
I killed 7 of them in one a panic I ran to the computer to see what the cause could be.
( I don't leave any food out - ever - because I'm terrified of mice - this house was infested before we moved in - so I keep everything - and I mean everything - in glass containers )
WELL...................apparently if you have a dead mouse in the walls - you'll start seeing flies.
Holy Mary Mother of Jesus how she wept ....................
A mouse corpse.................with everything else we've had to deal with in the last year and a half with this house.

Or it could be that the city - in it's infinite wisdom - decided that garbage only had to be picked up every OTHER week.
And we had an unbelievable heat wave here....................

Hail Mary full of grace
Please banish the flies from my place

Here's a vivid memory I have of summers as a kid.
Hot humid days - the curtains in my Grandmother's kitchen hanging very still - laundry on the line - a fan blowing the heat around -  the screen door banging shut every 10 minutes - home made popsicles where the flavor disappeared after licking it a few times -
Does anyone else remember them?
They were the most revolting - disgusting things - sticky paper - and they were the color of nicotine ( but that might have been because everybody smoked - not sure about that ) and they hung in the kitchen where you cooked and ate !
My mother just kept a fly swatter handy -
I wonder where flies have gone?
You don't see them in houses like you used to ( well unless you have dead corpses in the walls )

Shoo fly - don't bother me
I belong to somebody

Every morning when I step into the garden I have to have a broom in my hand to swipe all the cobwebs.
And I've noticed - I suppose after a summer of feasting ( although that's not something I've ever noticed before ) the spiders are massive !
Is this normal?
They've gone from cute little Charlotte's web type of spiders to tarantula's.
The other morning as I was sweeping them all away - one came running up the broom handle -
I had to murder it.
I smashed that broom down on the ground at least 20 times - screaming while I did it.

John came out -
John says- What the hell is going on out here?
Suzan says - There was a tarantula on the end of the broom - and it came running at me
John says - Spiders don't run
Suzan says - Of course they do
John says - They crawl
Suzan says - Well this one was crawling to win a marathon - it was a life threatening situation
Suzan says - It was survival of the fittest
Suzan says- I think it smelled a fly on me

I mentioned one of my " friends " from Bloglandia to John

John says - Friends?
John says - They're not your friends
John says - It's just words on your blog - for all they know you could be the Dalai Lama from Tibet


I can assure you I'm not a Dalai Lama from Tibet ( not that there's anything wrong with being a Dalai Lama from Tibet )
This is NOT me


I REALLY am a Suzan from Montreal.( being in my mid 50's - I really am simply vintageous as well )

And you ARE my friends...........right?
Where is everyone?



Hope you have the most wonderful of weekends
For all you Fall lovers - it's not far off !
For all you Fall haters ( like me ) I hope it's still like summer wherever you are !

It's 3.22 as I type this - and the phone just rang - we both panicked like you can't believe ( it woke John up)
Still no Evan.......................



  1. "Mother Distelfink"????? (from the recipe) Wonder who the heck she was!

    Sorry, but I'm going to keep the name of my studio "The Sea Gypsy's Nest" ~ no offense to the Rom!

    As always, your poetry/song-writing skills are awesome!

    Off to find that playground...

  2. Suzan,
    You just crack me up. Thanks for the smile. I loved Glen Campbell too when I was younger. He just had such a sweet calming voice when he sang. Glad you killed the spider. That is my biggest fear on this plant is spiders. I can do any other creature that walks but not spiders. Deathly afraid. My daughter sent me a picture of a very large spider on her deck the other day and I told her to burn the house down!!!! That would have been my solution. Glad you could kill him before he got you.
    Have a great week end.

  3. I enjoy your posts so muvh. Feel sometimes like you are speaking for me when it all comes tumbling out. Especially on Fridays. Thank-you!

    1. Aw Barbara - thanks so much - that's so sweet !

  4. Don't forget about : Honky and cracker. :) Oh and cheese head is someone from Wisconsin... they're very proud of that. :)
    To banish flies, put several shiny pennies in a baggie of water (lovely decor piece) and hang it to deter flies. :) Swear it works!
    Happy birthday to Evan!!
    ~ Christina

  5. Caucasians - also referred to as round eyes. Well, yes, unless they are almond shaped, I guess ... The fly sticky tape, used them here last summer. Gross things, cld only tollerate them for a week, they came down and the cats did their job!. We had tons of them last summer when the ceilings were torn down. They love mouse pee and poop too apparently. One skeleton of something was found, squirrel, rat, don't really know. The spiders are moving in here now as the nights cool off a bit, but still humid, clammy etc here. Looking so forward to Fall, as I hope that means the constructing will be nearing the end. Trust you will have a joyous weekend with Evan's arrival!!!! xo Patty

  6. Too funny, Suzanne…Rod Stewart's butt….LOL, if only, Sandi

  7. Tell John to count me in as someone who considers us to be friends. I've read your blog faithfully so I feel like a 'fly on the wall' kind of friend, a part of your family. There's just one of me so you've never reached for a flyswatter before. You answered a personal letter I wrote you so that moved me up a category from fly but I'm not sure what it would be. Haha! And I forward your e-mails to friends and relatives all the time because you've said something that I thought they'd enjoy reading or you've done something magical with another piece of furniture. Sometimes you find neat things that I think they'd like to buy too. When I talk about you, my family all know who you are so that means you're one of our family. That should all count as a 2 way friendship, right? ;)

    Watching for an update on Evan...hope it won't be long! Blessings and congratulations to the family when he gets here!

  8. OMG! So glad I had swallowed my mouth of tea before I read the spider comments ....otherwise I'd be screen cleaning about now! You crack me up!

  9. Lol, I don't even know where to start...let me just assure you if you had a dead mouse in the wall, you'd smell it! They reek (which is personally why I think there are flies!). Caucazoid is my favorite ;-) slang name, uh I disagree with John...spiders do too run AND yes! I'm your friend. (And I hope you're mine!) :-)
    I think that's all I'm going to comment on, I can't even top what else you've talked about. Can't wait to hear about your grandson. Hope all is going well.

  10. Suzan! Are you a granny yet ???
    I've heard down here a slang for white person.... "Cracker"

    Flies -- down here they hang a ziplock bag of water near the door way so the flies don't go past it into the house. Don't ask. I don't have a clue, but I see them all the time at restaurants and houses. Weird.

    Tell John I'm your friend. I've lost two this year, so you're a great fill-in!

  11. I grew up listening to Glen Campbell too. My dad was a big fan. I did see the special about him and his alzheimer's. It was very sad. I hear that he can't even talk now. So, I guess his singing days are behind him. Wasn't his wife young and beautiful? Old stars always seem to have a trophy on their arm. But she seems to really love him and is taking good care of him. We have spider webs all over our house too. I think it's caused by all the trees around us. I hate it! They always rebuild them after I tear them down too.


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