Wednesday, September 2, 2015

PIPBERRY GARLAND ( rustic goodies )

Good morning everyone !

I was answering emails last week and low and behold I saw an email of Amazon - advising me that I might be interested in some Pipberry garland !

My first thought was " What the heck is pipberry " ?
I didn't have a clue ( what rock have I been living under ? )
My second thought was " How the heck would Amazon know that I'd like that " ?
And my third ( and final thought on the subject ) was how the heck does Amazon know me better than John does?

In fact I liked them so much that once I received my shipment I ran to the computer to order some more.
Be careful - some sellers are selling them for 35.00 -
I had ordered 3 strands .............each are 40 inches long - so each one makes a decent size wreath

I just wrapped this around a wreath frame very quickly to show you what it looked like - please don't mind the frame showing - it only has one piece around it - could use 2  ( personally I don't mind it like this at all - I kind of like it sparse looking )

I HAD to share this - because it's an exceptional deal - they want almost 100 dollars for some wreaths - this was 11.99 ! ( isn't it the cutest Fall wreath with it's little rusted stars ? )

The next email suggested these black stars.............I'll take a couple of them too - thanks for thinking of me !
2 for 14.99 - 11 inches............( really - this is the most decent kind hearted company LOL )
I don't want to turn this into an affiliated post but you can just google the following

Craft Outlet Antique Star Wall Decor, 11-Inch, Black, Set of 2

John says - What's with all the stars - do you think you're in Texas?

And then another email popped up - offering this shabby sign made out of tin.................
Just under 12 inches - for 6.99
I grabbed that also...............even if there were no stars attached.
Shipping was free - so all of it combined cost much less then a wreath would have.
But please Mr. Amazon....................leave me alone now - between you and Mr Craig ( SLIST ) trying to compete for my affections it's getting exhausting.
And John's getting jealous..................or pee'd off - I can't tell.

Have a great day everyone !


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  1. Ohh too funny.
    I'm a little concerned about your relationship with Mr Craig Slist.
    John does have a right to be jealous.

  2. Love the pipberry. Several years ago I bought a thick garland of it, and it was fairly pricey then at around $30. But, I've certainly gotten my money's worth - turned it into a wreath and have used it both at the antique mall for displays, and at home (just put it away in exchange for a fall wreath, but it may come back out sooner, rather than later).

    1. Thanks Rita !
      I thought this was for Fall - so it tells you that I really was clueless about pipberry LMHO !

  3. I love the pipberry wreaths with stars, Suzan. I had no idea that's what it was called, either. Mr. amazon's algorithms make it very tempting to shop, don't they? I try to ignore Mr. Craig (sList) as much as possible, haha.

    1. Thanks Julie !
      Mr. Amazon's Algorithms - sounds like the name of a mystery to me LOL ( which it is actually )
      I can't stay away from Craig !

  4. "Do you think you're in Texas?" Haha. I see those stars everywhere! Tell John to come visit some time.

  5. Yep, it is kind of frightening when Amazon thinks it knows you so well when it says, "thought you might like this . . . " That has happened all too often with me, also! But I call this stalking or an invasion - but your explanation is way cuter. They are great buys!

  6. John, John, John...yes, we do have lots of stars here in Texas. However, stars aren't only for Texans as your Canadian wifey can attest!
    Love your pipberry, Suzan. They are pretty in chandies, too.
    xo, T.

  7. Cute, cute, cute - and for a good price too! xo Patty

  8. I've been eyeing pip berry garlands in Canton for I know I need to get some. Love yours! And those stars (and get, I AM from Texas!). Dangerous site, makes you want to buy all that fab stuff. Hm, off to see what else I can find. :-)

  9. I may have to switch from cotton stems to pipberry. I CANNOT BELIEVE what people charge for those scrawny dead stems of cotton with the dead leaves hanging from them. I love them, dead leaves and all. I would have them in every room if I could afford them. Pipberry to the rescue?

    I can't believe Amazon is such a smart stalker. I am a real live stalker, and even I didn't know you would love pipberry. I need to step up my game.

    I just need to say pipberry one more time. Love that word. xxoo

    1. I know Teri - I've bought cotton stems and they were a fortune !!!
      To be honest with you I didn't know I loved pipberry either - I'm terrified of what Amazon is going to tell me I love next LMHO !

  10. Amazon must not know me at all because all I get are emails suggesting things like saws, electronics, and vacuum cleaners! I would have loved to have gotten the one about pipberries--those garlands look fantastic! And who can't use some star wall decor? The plaque is a great reminder about what's really important in life--love it! I'll have to concentrate on looking at things that are a lot more fun whilst on Amazon--maybe they'll get a better idea of what would appeal to me and send me emails that would be a whole lot more exciting!

  11. I think you got some good deals Suzan. We have 3 'primitive' style stores in town that sell these kinds of things and I'm pretty sure they aren't that cheap. I bet you can't go down 1 street or road without seeing a 'barn star' on a house here in NB. And I have 2 pip berry wreaths already on a vine base and 2 candle rings with pip berries and rusty stars that my sister sent me. I get them out in the fall. It's not fall yet. :) It's scary when big companies know what their customer wants. It happens on Facebook a lot.

  12. What.... John thinks everyone in Texas decorates with stars everywhere??? I don't have one anywhere! I'd rather have the pipberries...whatever those are!

  13. Well dammit, I've asked Mr. Amazon to come flirt with me now too. I didn't know I NEEDed some pipberry garland until I saw yours.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Love Pip Berry.
    Would even look nice strung across the top of your fireplace mantel and string a set of tiny lights in with.
    Add to your bare branches you have in a vase, string down center of a table. Many uses for the garland.
    Like that metal sign as well.

  16. I was wondering if Mr. Craig was getting jealous of Amazon. I have a feeling you're not through with Amazon yet...they seem to hit your soft spots! I love that sign - I may have to check out Amazon -- hope that doesn't make you jealous!

  17. LOL This is just hilarious Suzan.....and yes John is definitely jealous. BTW you've created a beautiful wreath! Cheers to a happy long weekend!

  18. How funny! Isn't it nice of stores to think of you like that?! LOL I really like that wreath you made. I wouldn't have known what pipberry was either. Your husband sounds like mine. He would probably be sarcastic like that.

  19. Stars for a star is what you should tell him, hehe. Love the sparse look on the wreath, too. Adds character to the piece. Great finds! Or rather, glad they found you!

  20. Amazon knows you well, lol. I've never heard of Pipberry either, but now I'll never forget. Thanks for sharing your beautiful wreath at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  21. I have a couple of wreaths like this, but did not know that's what they were called. I love the airy look! Sounds like Amazon might just be your best friend. :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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