Friday, September 11, 2015

I'm going to meet Evan !!! ( I think )

I got THE call - and am on my way to the hospital.

Can't believe I'm taking the time to type this - but there were too many people to notify - so here it is -

I'm off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Holy Cow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. WOOO HOOOOO!!!! Hugs and kisses to all! :)))) ~ Christina

  2. Best wishes all exciting!!

  3. Wishing everyone all the best, a safe smooth delivery and a healthy baby boy! So excited for you all. xo Patty

  4. Yay!!!! I can't wait to hear all about it and see pics.

  5. Ohhhh Thank You for thinking of your readers and letting us know....waiting till the next post for pictures!!

    Blessings to all!!

  6. Yay!! Hope all goes well and you get to meet your new grandson very soon. xo

  7. Oh my word! I hope he's here by now!

  8. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You got the call! Let us know ASAP! You're so lucky! I hope everything is easy-peasy! God's Speed!
    Tell John: "You're Darn-tooten they're my FRIENDS!!") I know I AM your friend, and if we didn't live on opposite coasts, I'd be there for you physically in one second if you ever needed my help. As it is now, it would take a few hours for me to get there for you!! But you are in my heart and in my thoughts and prayers that God watch over you and keep you safe and not let you trip over your YOGA pants that fall off of you as you're moving around large pieces of furniture! So that makes me your FRIEND, right? I think so!
    Why don't you like FALL, you Caucazoid! I guess 'cuz you actually have Fall and maybe you're sick of it? We have NO seasons----NO turning leaves, NO cooling off--as a matter of fact, it even gets much HOTTERT in the "Fall" months here, starting with September. Since Sept started it has even gotten HOTTER--over 100 and way over 100 every day! So I am certifiable with the heat!
    I remember those fly strips and even how they smelled when we'd get them out of the pkg. We lived in Texas (another HOT Hell hole), and all of the bugs were bigger there!
    Take care, I am EXCITED FOR YOU!

  9. OMG! How exciting!! Hope all goes well! Can't wait to read about him.

  10. Oh so excited for you and mom and the little one! The problem with a grandchild is that they're addicting. You'll just want more and more.

  11. ::)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    Hugs ~

  12. Well, it's now 9:56 Ohio time, Saturday. Is Evan here ???? Detail's , weight, length, delivery time etc ???? She seem's like she'd go natural so I hope she's not still in labor :(((( Please clue us in as soon as you can. CONGRATULATION'S !!!!!! ( also to your daughter and SIL) Hug's, TT

  13. Hope all is well and you have finally held little Evan in your arms. Congratulations Suzan! xxoo

  14. Hi Suzan, hope all is well. Eagerly awaiting news of Evan!
    xo Pat


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