Thursday, February 4, 2016

A FRIDAY CHAT ( about this & that )

Good morning everyone !

Come in - come in !

Let me turn the music down.......................

John and I are polar opposites ( I suppose you know that by now ) although strangely enough there are things we totally agree on.
Music is not one of them.

I LOVE country music ( the older ones especially )
I LOVE jazz
I LOVE rock & roll
I LOVE folk music
I LOVE oldies

John loves classical.

Last weekend I was working in the living room and I had Loretta Lynn playing - and I was belting out along with her about her being a Coal Miner's Daughter ( in a cabin on a hill in Butcher Holler )

John says - Dear God - that's painful
Suzan says - I know - a lot of people had lives like that - but like she says - they were poor but they had love - that's the one thing her daddy made sure of - he shoveled -
John says - IT'S THE MUSIC - DEAR GOD WOMAN - TURN IT OFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Suzan says - Well !  How dare you ?
Suzan says - In the summertime they didn't have shoes to wear - but in the winter time they'd all get a brand new pair !
Suzan says - From a mail order catalog  - money made by selling a hog
Suzan says - Where you going?
John says - I can't take this - it's all B.S. - you act like that was her life
Suzan says - It WAS her life !
John says - I've got a bridge to sell you ................
John says - And just so you know - it wouldn't be called Butcher Holler - it would be called Butcher Hollow.
John says - Holler is what you and that singer are doing.
Suzan says - I'll just call her up and tell her she's been pronouncing her home wrong all her life.

He can be so frustrating I have to put Butcher Holler  Hollow on our bucket list to show him ..................and there are plenty of other places I'd rather go to - trust me.

This squaw is on the warpath tonight.  ( anyone else remember that one? )


Oh did I mention that although he hates country music for some inexplicable reason he loves Dolly Parton.
Hmmm - now I wonder what Dolly has that's different than - I don't know - Loretta Lynn or Tammy Wynette ?
He gets a far away wistful look in his eyes when he listens to Dolly sing.
Bet he'd drive down to Dollywood in a heartbeat....................

Suzan says - It's not Dolly Parton you love - it's her microphones
John says - NO !  I love her voice
Suzan says - Go tell it on her mountains...............

AND speaking of Dolly Parton -
I haven't laughed like I did last night in years. You know that laughter when you have to hold your stomach because it's hurting?

John and I were watching t.v  and there was a commentator or a pundit ( I don't know what to call any of them any more ) anyway she had on a top with sequins on it .................

John says - Why the hell are her nipples flashing?
Suzan says- What are you talking about ?
John says - dead seriously - Look - her nipples are flashing on and off

OMG - the way the camera light was facing her caused these sequins to flash repeatedly - it was the funniest thing.
You probably had to see it to appreciate it.

Here's some of John's comments

John says - Maybe they're trying to increase their ratings
John says - Maybe they're battery operated
John says - Maybe they're sending subliminal messages
John says - Help ! I feel like I'm being hypnotized !
John says - May -
Suzan shrieks - STOP - MY STOMACH HURTS !!!

I think I laughed uncontrollably for 20 minutes - not even stopping to breathe.

Speaking of such - - I mentioned I'm getting jowls last week..................well it just occurred to me why I hate them so much - they look like face-boobies............
Really - one minute you have these perky well placed " apple " cheeks and the next thing you know the apples have fallen ( never too far away from the tree mind you - just dangling there as a constant reminder )

I've been told all my life I looked like Goldie Hawn - I've never seen it as much as others did until I came across this old photo of Goldie - I really see it in this photo !
John and I were in Italy ( Lake Como to be precise - where George Clooney lives a good part of the year )
And we were getting on a boat to tour the lake when all of a sudden a SLEW of people starting rushing towards me - with their cameras flashing - yelling Goldie - Goldie !
John says - Oh my God - they think you're Goldie Hawn - say something - they're going to crush us
But I just gave a huge smile and waved...........I swear to you I waved like I WAS her - we all need our 15 minutes.
Somewhere in Italy there's a bunch of homes with pictures of me in albums -

Anyway - I don't look like her any more ................and she's had a facelift so she doesn't look like her any more either.

This year has started off soooo shitty -
I had the flu from hell - a cold that wouldn't leave - my back has now gone out on me twice and I have strep throat.
The penicillin AND the infection have left me exhausted - but still - last weekend I decided I had to get out and go for a long walk.
It's been unseasonably warm here ...........7 degrees for us ( so 45 degrees for my American soul sisters )
Anyway off we went - and went and went.............
John says - I think we should turn around -
Suzan says - It's so nice out - lets keep walking

And we walked until we got lost.

This would not happen when I lived down town where I know every inch of every neighborhood - but here in the suburbs?  It happens more than I care to admit.

John says - Do you know where we are?
Suzan says - Of course I do !
John says - Well it feels like we're going around in circles.

He's still mad at me - tells me his toes hurt - and I don't know why I think that's so funny - but I do.
So much so that every time I think of it I go into hysterics -
So here's me signing off with laughter - the very best way, right?
It's been a laughing kind of week.

Oh and I've been singing this song to John since our walk - I LOVE these Scottish Lads !

I would walk 500 miles for you guys too ♥
Have yourselves a fabulous weekend -



  1. I had to sing 500 miles to myself as the video was blocked in our country (USA) for some reason. Now I can't get it out of my head! Darn you Suzan...

  2. I love Suzan! I love John. But I'll be listening to music with John. :-)))
    Have a wonderful weekend. Let me know if you find a way to deal with jowls. (why doesn't that rhyme with 'bowls.' Oh, the English language!)

  3. Thanks for the laughs this morning, everything is so funny!!!

  4. Oh my goodness! The conversations you have with your husband are so funny! That's a compliment to be told you look like Goldie Hawn! I think she's beautiful. One of my favorite qualities about her is her free spirit and her laugh. Her personality fits her image. I hate that I don't get to see her in movies much anymore.

  5. Thanks for all the smiles in your post for today ~ and for the ear worm of 500 miles!

  6. Thanks for my Friday dose of laughs. :) And we aren't allowed to watch the video "in our country". Something about copyright laws. First time I've seen that one. :/ Have a great weekend. xo

  7. Oh drat! The lads are blocked in 'our' country, guess I have to drive up to B.C. So I can hear them, which sounds like fun to me, only about an hour, then some sweet shopping and and and! John probably goes bonkers when he watches Dolly's Christmas movie a while back, grits and all❣👏🏻

  8. LOVE the proclaimers. Love. Though admittedly they were a kind of a one-album wonder. Thanks for the chat and the memory <3

  9. Yup, John is definitely a Boob man! I'll bet you could have watched the sequined pundit for hours without noticing the flashing boobs, but of course after John "pointed" it out.... She coulda had a gigantic tarantula on her face and John wouldna noticed. He's prob the type who looks at a big chested gals boobs when she's talkin and has to be reminded her eyes are "up here"! MEN! Too, too much, Suzan! What would I do without you and your straight man, John! I think you look more like Golde than Goldie does! The pics you've showed us before of you, look just like her! I love all of the old Country Western singers too. The new ones not so much.
    Anyhoo, I hope that you recover soon from you Strep and cold and back and flu! Phew! You've been through the wringer!
    I hate to be redundant and monotonous, but it has been very, very dry and hot here for the past week. It is 85 right now at 1:00PM! I seriously am running away from home! If we are having an El Nino now and it's so hot and dry during the so called "rainy season", can you imagine what summer will be like? It was forecast to rain torrents here during the El Nino starting in November, which is what we need after a 4 1/2 yr drought, but in So. Calif., it has rained only 2 times this winter. They say that only Northern Calif has been getting more rain. If David would move right now, I would too! We have been trying to update our house that we bought new in 1978, so we can compete for a better price. We have finished the downstairs, but the upstairs needs to be updated now. After the update is finished, I don't think he'll want to move. So I'm gonna run away from home especially if my one and only daughter has a baby which would be my first grand baby. She and her husband live in San Francisco. I'd love to live close in a suburb of SF. Northern CA is much prettier than So CA! So please wish me luck.
    Get well soon!

    1. Hi! I live in the gorgeous Bay Area so come on up! Anyone who loves Suzan like I do and is a friend of hers is also a friend of mine! Blessings! Nanny

    2. Hi,Nanny!,
      You are so lucky to live in the Bay Area! You're right, it is Gorgeous! Thank you for your gracious invitation! It was 91 degrees today here in inland Orange County today!
      Blessings to you,

  10. Funny as always! Couldn't see the video because, "This video contains content from WMG, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds." America's loss. Older country music is the best--it's just not the same anymore. Thanks for another entertaining posting!

  11. There's not too much in music I don't like but I have to admit country isn't one of my favorites. Not that I won't listen to it. And oh my goodness, the sequins story is too funny. I'd been rolling too. I bet John would cringe at the way some Texans talk (yep we have different accents in different parts of the state). Hope you get well and stay well the rest of the year. And I think you look like Goldie too. :-)
    Thanks for the laughs.
    Hugs, Cecilia


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