Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I WANNA live there Wednesday # 151

Good morning everyone !

There's a little humor involved in this week's pick - I don't know how many of you have heard of Cape Breton Island but apparently there's been a surge in real estate inquiries - from American citizens who are nervous of the election outcome.
You can read the article at the ROLLING STONE magazine.  

Cape Breton Island is a magnificent part of the Maritimes here in Canada and part of the Province of Nova Scotia ( off the Atlantic ocean ) with strong Celtic roots. So.......after hearing about this "surge " I decided to check out the real estate situation and I just may move there myself !

I'll show you a little of the island itself first and then show you what you can get 


Ok - ready ?
I'm going to show you 3 homes - different price ranges !
Here's the first one - please remember this is just to show you what's available - not a commentary on the way the homes are decorated - we all have different tastes with decor !

390,000 CDN - 283,842 U.S. dollars
I'm in shock - seriously in shock over what you get for your money with this one in terms of outdoor space
Waterfront Farm 
3 beds
2 baths
2400 sq. feet
Set on 6 acres
Renovated top to bottom over the last 7 years.

Take a look at this !  Can you believe it?

For more pics of the interior you can click HERE - this post is going to be really long LOL 

HOUSE # 2 

158,000 Cdn - 114,992 U.S.
Small Farm with 12 cleared acres
4 beds
1 bath - 1 half bath
1959 sq, ft
Pond on property
Mature hardwood trees including fruit trees
3 stall barn ( including large hay storage ) 
Several out buildings.
Realtor ALICIA COOPER  ( not Alice Cooper - Alicia ) 


This is being sold privately I believe - and the photos are kind of terrible but.................

Waterfront Property
67,000 CDN - 48,500 U.S.   ( Under 50,000 !!!!!!!!!!!! ) 
4 beds - 1 bath ( for that price you can add a second bath before you complain lol ! ) 
Wood Stove
It needs work but it has some redeeming features to be sure !
Found HERE


I spy with my little eye the bottom of a chandelier LOL !

Ok - so there you have it - 3 different price points.............

And you can stay here while you're house hunting !
Cottage rental - 181.00 U.S. a night
Sleeps 3
2 beds - 1 bath
Minimum stay 7 nights  ( oh I could spend 7 nights here in a heartbeat ! )

This is so you Americans feel at home !  ( Ugghhh - I have to tell you I find eagles terrifying to look at ! )

And a Hudson's Bay blanket for us Canadians LOL !

Booking and availability HERE

This was a pretty exhausting post - I need a vacation now !
I know where I'd stay now anyway :)

Here's another link if you'd like some more information on this beautiful place  NOVA SCOTIA

And I'll leave you with this.  ( just in case this post wasn't quite long enough ! ) 

Have a wonderful Wednesday !


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  1. So ~ how far is CB from you?


  2. What lovely homes! Any one of them would be a delight to have!


  3. I love the little rental. I don't need more than 700 square feet and an average high 80 degrees. Nothing below 40 that possible? Maybe.

  4. Yes, Cape Breton is beautiful and that first house is perfect! Love the little holiday cottage, so cozy. I have a lovely remodelled 1784 Cape that they can buy too. We still have to do work on the outside along the back wall and paint and add decks, but we are almost finished. πŸ˜‰. Patty/NS (crazyemmasmom on Instagram)

  5. Ok Suzanne how about we go in halfsies with the last one! Just think of all the refinishing fun. Have been to Nova Scotia and loved it there❣Having lived in Ireland we thought they must be the friendliest, one can not have a five minute conversation with an Irishman! Well we found the same enjoyable bunch of people in N.S., would move there in a minute. Oh just think of all the furniture we could paint! A little bit of commute from Washington State, but oh well. Oh and the music festival in October is fantastic. And seeing how I'm half Scot's well it felt like home❣πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»whatcha think? Xxxxxx

  6. OMG! Susan - the first house/farm isn't in Cape Breton but in the Annapolis Valley on the mainland of Nova Scotia. Cape Breton is an island off the northern tip of NS! Trying not to laugh but it is an honest mistake on your part. I thought it was rather posh for Cape Breton.... so I had to check it out. Fabulous price. Wish it had been on the market when we were looking 3 yrs ago, though we did want to be on the opposite side, the South Shore. teeheehee. Patty

  7. Ok - Really sorry but .... the 2nd property is also in the Annapolis Valley NOT Cape Breton as well as the 3 house... It is on the Eastern side of Nova Scotia. BUT the sweet holiday let - yippee!!! It's in Cape Breton in Margaree which is a beautiful spot to vacay. Should I help you next time fine Cape Breton properties? I think if you visited here you would get a great understanding of where things are. You are most welcome to come and stay at my place anytime! I'm pouring you a wine now 🍷. xo Patty

  8. Oh, my! What spectacular views! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  9. Wow, Suzan, one sure gets a bang for their buck in Cape Breton! It is soooo GORGEOUS there too. If I were single, I'd move in a Flash! In California you could not find an out house for the price of these homes! They have so much land, too! Here in CA we scratch each others itches cuz our houses are so close together! There is barely a tiny skirt of land extending out from under your house, and they still start at 1 Mil +++++, depending on location, even more. Only homes selling at over 3 Mil have some land, but not over an acre. And if they are by the ocean you'd have to spend a good 8 Mil+++++, to get any land over 1 acre. Land is at a premium in CA. People are living on top of one another. It really is starting to look and feel like the movie "Soylent Green" in Southern CA. So seeing your pictures is really like looking at a dream! Hard to believe that that much space and beauty still exists somewhere in the world! Very, VERY tempting!
    Thank you, Suzan, for the dream!

  10. It looks like a beautiful place and the homes for those prices are amazing! Makes me think about moving! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  11. lovely place with such a beautiful view! I saw an article like last week maybe that said the cape was encouraging US residents to move up if they didn't like the way the next elections turned out. I asked hubby, he said no. BUT i plan to come visit so maybe he will change his mind. Seeing this post just makes me want to visit SOONER! :)

  12. Hm, the potential! I love the rental. I just want to vacation there now.

  13. Love that last house. Maybe in 6 years when Hubby retires we can move.

  14. These imaginary trips you take us on are wonderful. My mom and dad visited Cape Breton and I remember she said it was gorgeous. I want the farm...the first one----gorgeous property.
    Thanks Suzan, Sandi

  15. Oh, my goodness!

    I can't say I wanna live there, but I definitely want to visit.

    Thanks for sharing at SYC.

  16. Wow. Cape Breton is so beautiful and I would love to re-visit it again, considering my kids were 2 and 4 the last time we went and the Smurfs were popular, which was in the early 1980's. I love the first house and property. How beautiful! The little white farmhouse is sweet but needs tons of work but for that price one could do it. Great post Suzan. Did you get the freezing rain storm last night? We did and today it is raining and we're having thunder storms....on Feb. 25! So crazy. Take care and I hope you have a good weekend.

  17. Looks like a lovely place but I bet it's very cold in the winter! If the election goes the wrong way, I may have to head to a more southern clime! Thanks for sharing these lovely photos and real estate options! Blessings, Janet

  18. I used to go to Cape Breton every year. It is a beautiful place. I do wonder what those places look like in the winter though....and as far as moving up there...I think job opportunities might be scarce.

  19. Thanks for posting one of my listings, here is a link to all of my listings in and around scenic Annapolis Royal NS. there are great Inn and B & B listings there as well for anyone who wants to own a Nova Scotia business

  20. Thanks for your kind words about my listing here are some other properties for sale in and around historic Annapolis Royal NS. both unique country properties and business opportunities

  21. We are wondering...When all the Americans move there, will they open a college where Katie can teach Biology? If Trump becomes president, we might seriously consider moving outside of the US. We just wish Canada were a little more south, like where we are now! "We're" worried about the Mexicans; Canada should start worrying about the Americans! I can't imagine Trump has enough couth to be diplomatic. It takes a delicate tongue to deal with the rest of the world, and Trump doesn't have that. He's foul-mouthed and has no clue about what a good president is made of. I am afraid of the people who support him. What must they see in him? If they see themselves, I worry for America. Nothing PC coming out of his mouth, no ma'am. It's scary. The US is quite a joke right now. {Personally, I can really imagine any other place is any better.}

  22. I am packing my bags.... Could one imagine a seaside cottage as such with views like this.
    A little white paint and I am set to move in.
    Thank you for this share it took me to dreaming.


  23. How fun! Cape Breton is one of my favorite places on earth to visit - I really enjoyed seeing these three houses and of course now totally want to move up there. (But I don't think my Florida self could handle the cold!)

    1. It's a gorgeous part of the world for sure Lisa - I've only been once ( shamefully because we can drive there in 8 hours ) and yes I would imagine winter would be brutal ( but beautiful also - if that makes sense ? )

  24. Wow what a beautiful place that would be to live! #3 was my fav!!! Hope you are having a good week Suzan!
    Take care, Tara


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