Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Good morning everyone !

Well my overkill craft dilemma ( otherwise known as my OCD )  has gone into full gear this last week and I've gone banner or garland crazy
( what's the difference between the two - does anyone know? )

This latest one was created for my daughter's girlfriend's baby's ( ok that's just too many apostraphes for me to handle in the morning ) first birthday party - which falls on Valentine's day !

I'm not crafty - really I'm not - so you won't be seeing a lot of this type of thing here - except I bought a pad of construction paper so God only knows what's going to be happening - the scissors are flying my friends LOL !

First I cut out my hearts - making 2 holes on top to thread the ribbon through.

Next I cut out 2 little pieces of ribbon and glued them on

Next came a few layers of foam hearts that I've had for well over a hundred years - I actually sewed these on to the construction paper

and then covered that thread with stick on " diamonds " because they're a girl's best friend - even if she's only turning 1  ( again with the apostraphe's ??? )

So those plus the " faux " tin heart ones I did HERE

AND the teddy bear ones I'm working on now

Oh and did I mention the tag garland I made a couple of weeks ago?

John thought this next one was a bunch of fancy A's................. please tell me you recognize it

Does this mean it'll be a banner year for Simply Vintageous ???

Or a garland year ?

Anyway I have to run because I just had the most incredible idea for another one !!!
Have a wonderful day everyone
It's official - I'm on instagram now - there's a button on the upper right hand side :)
Talk soon


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  1. Banner year for sure! Love them all but that Eiffel Tower "a" is the. Cutest ever.
    xo Pat

  2. for someone that's not crafty, you sure are crafty!

  3. Beautiful! Simple, NOT to me. I love them all!

  4. "A"s...LMHO!!! And don't EVAH try to tell me you aren't crafty!!!

  5. They are all very adorable. I also call them buntings (ask John, that's the British term I believe)

  6. You've been busy with the scissors! And all your efforts are fabulous! Love your banners! Too cute! :) ~Rhonda

  7. Something tells me.....you're gonna have a beautiful banner year!!!! Say hi to John....he's a keeper! Love you both with your humor!

  8. You're on a roll, gal! Keep on designing, cutting, and gluing and making the recipients feel special.

    Meantime, back here on the farm. I don't have a smart phone and stay ignorant of apps, so can't be your follower on instagram, but would be if i could. (Can one put apps on a laptop and have them work? Has not worked for me so far.)
    I love your posts and look forward to each new one. You have at attitude i admire and a husband who is a good sport. What's not to adore here? Keep on keeping on. MJ

  9. Suzan, where DO you get the energy???

    Here is what missparty.net says:

    Refers to a wreath or string of flowers or any other materials, worn for ornament as an honor or draped and hung as a decoration. The items used on a garland are usually identical or all of the same type (even if the size of the item varies); are of a pleasing color combination or a pattern has been thought out, or the items themselves have been strung in an intentionally repetitious pattern. Materials that can be used are limited only by creativity.

    A banner is, essentially, an attractive sign which usually has a special message and may be embellished. They can be quite intricate or extremely simple and are usually made of fabric, paper or plastic. There are Heraldic Banners which display a Coat of Arms. There are, of course, all manner of advertising banners as well, which we won’t go into here.

  10. Eiffel Tower, not A's. :-)
    I don't think you can claim to be non crafty 'cause you are getting your craft on. Lol. Those are cute! Still love those "tin" ones!

  11. Very sweet, I like both the pink and the silver hearts!

  12. Admit it, Suzan,you're one CRAFTY chic, in one way, (with garlands, etc), or as in: you are....well, I'm sure you know how I mean, if not just ask John what kind of crafty he thinks you are!
    I love the garlands, and of course I recognize La Tour Eifel! Ha-ha, that's something my husband would say about the A's. MEN--they are too much! The picture of your Pink hearts garland is such a lovely pink color on my monitor! I just love pink and it really caught my eye! I love it. Very good combo and choice of of colors and embellishments, too!
    Sounds like you have Craft Overkill Dilemma, cuz if you had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, you would have used the acronym CDO instead of OCD, because a true compulsive would not stand having the acronym OUT of alphabetical order. I think that is the diff. N'est-ce-pas, Cherie?
    Keep on Crafting, you are on a roll. Your Teddy bear garland is adorable too--you'd be great to have around to decorate for a baby shower. Are you trying to tell us that you are an expectant Grandma again? What with the diaper cake and cupcakes and now baby banners/garlands, I am beginning to wonder????? BTW, plant a big kiss on Evan for me, Lucy. Thanks!
    Love ya,
    P.S. Your scissors may be flyin' but please don't run with them!

    1. Oh my God you have no idea how long it took me to figure out this new computer !
      Yeah Laura - I'm as crafty as a fox - I actually thought of that when I typed the sentence believe it or not LOL !!! No I'm not an expectant grandma - it does seem like that though doesn't it? My daughter's sister - in - law is pregnant - and my other daughter's best friend has a baby ! I see Evan tomorrow - I'll give him a kiss from Auntie Ethel !!!
      Thanks girlfriend
      ( p.s. - did you read the book Running With Scissors by Augustin Burroughs > Fabulous - in a sick way but really a fabulous read )

    2. Thanks for giving that Cutie-Pie Evan a kiss from me, Suzan! No, I have not read that book, but you have tweaked my Curiosity!! So I will track it down and read it! Good luck with your computer. If it wasn't for my husband, I would be lost with mine--he helps me figure stuff out with it. Hey, I am so handy with gizmos that I don't even own a cell phone! Ha! (I know that makes me a dinosaur!)
      'Bye, Foxy, (as in "Crafty" and as in "Gorgeous"!)

  13. You can refer to them as either banners or garlands. Just depends on my mood as to which I use. lol! I have had a banner year before as well. Love the sweet pink heart one for the 1 year old. You're on a roll now girl, keep them coming!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Ok - good to know !
      Working on one for little Evan now and then I'm going to call it a day I think LOL.
      Thanks Jann

  14. Too cute, I know what you mean about banners... they are simple and pack a lot of design in a small (storage) space. We did Valentine banners with the Grand....vertical, and of course being so wrapped up in the moment, I did not take pictures. They became chained valentines for her to give.
    Happy Banner Year, sounds good to me, Sandi

  15. I really love your garland of Parisian A's!!! Really, John??? But my favourite is the teddy bear garland, an idea I might steal for a little boy I know... I'm not very good with scissors, though.

  16. these are all darling and will add such a sweet touch of handmade goodness and a bit of elegance to wherever you hang them! I love your little wineglass that leaves little sparkles dancing around:) Happy Valentine's Day and thank you for sharing your sweet garlands/banners <3

    Tamara xo

  17. Too too cute!

    Thanks for Sharing Your Cup!


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