Friday, February 12, 2016

A FRIDAY CHAT ( about this & that )

Good morning everyone !

Come in - come in - it's freezing out there !
They're calling for -18 degrees celcius today tomorrow AND Sunday - ( that's like 1.5 degrees in " American " )
We've been so spoiled this year with temps - winter basically started in January and it's been mild.
But it's winter.
And Montreal is in Canada.
And Canada is cold in the winter.
And we're already mid February so it's almost over anyway, right?

I posted a couple of photos on instagram on Wednesday ..............
A before and after of a wall in the kitchen that I painted black.
I did it while John was out for the day.

He came home.
He sat down at the kitchen table and looked at the wall ( well into space really but in the general direction of the wall )
And didn't notice anything.
I asked him to make me a tea - because the kettle is right where the black wall is - he made it and never noticed anything.
I made supper and called him in and he sat and ate and chatted away without noticing it.

Suzan says - I mentioned on Instagram that you wouldn't notice the change in the kitchen
John says - What the hell is Instant Grandma?
Suzan says - IT'S INSTAGRAM - how on earth did you hear Instant Grandma?
John says - WHAT IS IT?
Suzan says - You take photos and post them online
John says - I thought that was Blogging?
Suzan says - Different - it's completely different - anyway I PAINTED THE WALL BLACK AND YOU DIDN'T NOTICE !!!
John says - Oh !  I like it !  It looks great !

But I don't know how great he thinks it looks if I had to point it out to him.
_________________ computer last week and I've already had a virus that slipped through the anti virus thingamajig.
A week old.
My son in law fixed it because I'm too stupid to do that.
A new phone last week as well which I'm loving.
But that new camera I bought last summer?
Still can't use it.
It's hard for a brain to adapt to technology when all it really wants to do is go back to the 60's and have a pretty princess phone on my end table.

We had this one in the kitchen

 And this one in the hallway on a telephone table

Those push buttons were the epitome of new age and the bonus was you could kill anyone who broke into your home by throwing the phone at them !

To be honest with you my brain stopped fully understanding the mechanism after this one

Of course I've updated over the years but I don't " get " everything the new phones do.

Our business line ends with 666
2,666 have me in circles - Google plus
Page views for a day read 2666 way too often for me to be comfortable with

So whenever I do something stupid ( which is at least once a day ) I can say - quite literally
" the devil made me do it "

Like Flip Wilson's Geraldine !

You all have a wonderful weekend - this Instant Grandma's off to see Evan today :)


  1. I will have to check out this new app Instant Grandmas!! Sounds intriguing! And now since I have been so behind on blogs I must find a pic of your black kitchen. Happy Valentines day to you and John. Hope it's a good one!

  2. Heyyy! (written in my most tween voice lol) Well girlfriend, I ADORE old dial telephones. As a matter of fact my brother in law has a wall mount and desk type dial phone. Both work. lol I remember not liking phone numbers with a 9 or 0 in them ... took too long to circle back. :)
    Speaking of numbers, the 2nd 3 digits in my cell phone number are.... 666... freaks some people out. :)
    And, lastly, the winter of 2013 to 2014 it was -13 F in Cleveland, OH. That's when I decided I would move back "home" to Florida at the first opportunity. And that's my story. Tah dah. I send you tons of warm vibes and floral breezes. (Note it was 45 F this morning but 80 now... c'mon down girl!) ~ Christina

  3. -18°C??? Are you kidding me? You're going to be frozen! Do I dare tell you we had 12°C tis afternoon? Before you think it's paradise, it comes with our usual winter tempests - high wind, dangerous waves and a lot of rain.

  4. At least John didn't have a hissy fit as he tends to when you get going. You must have been pretty calm and reasonable.....LOL
    I have the tan (beige?) phone sitting in box for my big clean out the house sale. And my folks had a tan wall phone.
    I'm with you gal, I got a new brad/nail electric gun the other day. I can't even figure out which is on, the big O or the --
    And it just bores me anyway to even try to understand the computer so i can have a blog and get on ebay and download radio programs. All thing I say i want to do but my brain won't co-operate. Is it something in the water?

    I had to call my future daughter in law the other day--she worked computers in a nuke plant once upon a time--and ask her how to get my screen working again......"Just hold down the power button for awhile." By the time she finished saying it, the screen came to life again. Zowie!!!! See, sweetkins, you are not alone. But at least you have blog and know what Instagram is about. So you are way further ahead than I, but younger, too. And Canadian water must be more pure......
    XXX MJ

    1. No hissy fit - it's Valentines day weekend - he's actually on his best behavior !
      So your DIL is the equivalent to my SIL - I wouldn't have a blog without him MJ - seriously :)
      And Instagram is easy because it's just phone pics - it's perfect for me actually because I can't take a decent photograph to save my life !
      Canadian Club is more pure than Canadian water HA HA!!!
      Happy weekend

  5. Stay warm my friend or come to Texas where we had shorts and T-shirt weather yesterday; the upper 70's with a very slight breeze if any at all. Today the same, but more wind blowing but still beautiful outside.
    John is like my hubby; he wouldn't notice anything different if it slapped him in the face or kicked him the behind. Maybe after a week or so he might, repeat, I said might notice something different. My daughter can come over and she will notice things right off the bat and he'll go; 'when did you do that?'.
    You and John have a good evening and hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day / weekend.
    My hubby has to work so I will be home alone.

  6. Phones they are a necessary evil unless one is having a great chat with grandson, sisters, kids, best friends or making an appt for a massage, which I need, and a few other things. Did you use chalk board paint to have wonderful messages on, and where pray tell is a picture❣

    1. I didn't have any chalkboard paint left and I couldn't wait so I painted it black ( the plan is to give it a coat of chalkboard paint next :)
      Pics coming on Monday - a little slow - my brain is frozen with these temps LOL
      Happy Weekend Mary Anne!

  7. That sounds like my husband. Our walls have been naked since we moved. I hung 9 pictures behind the sofa. He never noticed til I asked if he saw anything different. He didn't even get it then for awhile.
    I had each one of those phones in my lifetime. The push button one was so cool when we got it.

  8. Well, then I'd really feel like a little devil if I told you it was 81 here today. Wowza! I'm sweatin'! In FEBRUARY !! What is UP with that ??? Even if you have an anti-virus thingamajig, why don't you also download the free version of AVG ? Hey! I see it just below this comment stuff. Maybe because I googled it the other day ? weird. Anyway, my brother-in-law is a computer geek and he always swore by it. I've had it for years and it does a great job. A virus came through with one of my regular blogs the other day and it caught it and took care of it. Poor John. Sometimes that guy is just clueless, huh ? But it gives you lots to blog about ! We love him, too, Suzan.

  9. We're still hoping for some snow down here in NE Texas. Haven't had one snow fall yet that was worth calling it snow. Amazed John missed the black wall. Happy weekend.

  10. Before I even got through this post, I hopped over to Instant Grandma - how could it be that I wasn't following you? But now, I am! LOVE the black kitchen. I think it's awesome that you can make drastic changes that John doesn't notice! I still remember the feeling of glee when I got my princess phone! And oh, how modern that push button version was!

  11. Hi Susan! It's been a long while since I've been out and about in the blogging world. Loved reading your post! I don't have a "smart-phone", because I'm too dumb, and afraid I wouldn't know how to use I'm really behind the "times". Blogging is the best I can do...and I don't even do that very well. I'm sure your wall looks wonderful!
    Have a great Valentine's Day!

  12. Oh my goodness! I love reading these conversations that you and your husband have together. Instant Grandma is hilarious. I've never heard that one before! You should show the black wall in your kitchen? Is it a chalkboard wall? Those are fun. I grew up with those phones too. My neighbor across the street had a green wall phone in their kitchen just like the one you shared. It had a dial on it and I remember we always had push button phones at our house. I remember theirs because it was different. I had a princess phone too. You're right. They were heavy!


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