Saturday, February 13, 2016

Valentine's Day !

It's not a holiday I usually go all out for - we normally go out for dinner ( or not ) see a movie (or not)
John always buys me a card and flowers ( or not )  I make a special dessert ( or not )
It's pretty much hit and miss.

But this year I decided John wanted to buy me a dozen pink roses

And when I saw how much joy it brought him to do so - I decided to buy HIM some of my favorite flowers as well !

Then I found these chocolate covered chips - oh my gosh - I HAD to have them and so I bought them for John  ( sweet - salty - chocolaty heaven )

I bought him one of these ( on special ) also - just because

John says - What did you get me for Valentine's day?
John says - Well besides a white artichoke .................
Suzan says- Well !  If you don't like the white artichoke we'll call it mine - I love it
John says - Well that was the plan all along........
John says - Where are those chocolate chips you bought?
Suzan says - Oh - please don't eat them all - I really think I'm going to love them !
John says - So what did you get me for Valentine's day?
Suzan says - FLOWERS !  I bought you flowers - you don't sound very appreciative you know !

Later John put his coat on................

Suzan says - Where are you going?
John says - To the golf store
Suzan says - WHY?
John says - There was something there I know you wanted to get me.................

You see ?
After awhile you really DO know what each other wants without asking !

Have a wonderful weekend everyone -
CELEBRATE - even if your sweetheart is a furbaby - or your kids - or your parents - or a good book take some time to celebrate.
Sometimes the best goodies are the ones we buy ourselves - ( chocolate covered chips perhaps? )
And in my humble opinion Valentine's day is not about LOVERS - it's about LOVE.

Which I'm sending to all of you


THE INTERIOR FRUGALISTA                                   REDHEAD CAN DECORATE
FLUSTER BUSTER                                                       LEHMAN LANE


  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you and John!! A friend from New Zealand said the same thing ~ that it isn't necessarily all about lovers...

  2. Happy St. V's Day you two and everyone(thing) else! Give a tree a St. V's hug too. I think all the heart decorations spread joy and love... :))) It's a good thing as Martha would likely say.
    Please pass the chips! :))) ~ Christina

  3. I so agree with you, Suzan. It is about love, in all its wonderful forms. Love the dialogue exchange always! Have a wonderful weekend. We are freezing here.

  4. Hahah :D

    As always, hilarious read. Happy Valentine's day you two. =]

  5. Suzan, I really like how you's not about LOVERS, it's about LOVE...that is so true!!!!! Happy Valentine's Day to you and John.....young lovers!!!!!! ❤️❤️

  6. Happy valentine's Day to you and John!! It is supposed to go down to -3 degrees here tomorrow so we are staying in and ordering out from one of our favorite Italian Eateries!!


  7. We're pretty much the same way. After almost 35 years together, we don't need fancy dinners and sparkly jewelry. He did bring me home a dozen roses though. And he had to give them to me early because he hid them in the guest bath behind the shower curtain and one of the cats found them and knocked them over. Guess he didn't think about closing the door. :-) Two days early didn't matter. We had planned to go to late lunch tomorrow where my niece is a waitress, but we decided not to. We're getting to the point where we'd rather stay home. Don't know if he got me anything else, but I drove out of town yesterday to Camping World to get him a little countertop ice maker that he wanted for the RV. Nothing says "I love you" like making sure he always has ice for his whiskey!

  8. Your Valentine's Day sounds like my Valentine's Day, Suzan. What a Co-inky-dinky, as Lucy would say!
    I like the way you put it: "So this year I decided John wanted to buy me a dozen pink roses."
    From there on, your "John says", "Suzan says" narrative went just like it does at our house! I also like the Touche' at the end when John says: "I'm going to the Golf Store because there was something there you wanted to get me..."
    Well, at least he plays by the rules.
    Thanks for the reminder to celebrate. You are so right!
    Happy Valentine's Day, Lucy!

    1. Oh my God Laura - I say Co-inky - dink all the time - had no idea Lucy said that ( and I watch her every night lol )
      Hope you had a great weekend Ethel and that Fred was good to you !

  9. P. S. It is still very HOT here! Please everybody, anybody, send us some cold!!! Still no Rain in Southern Ca! El Nino is a BUST, An Urban Legend for Southern CA. Don't believe the weather reports for Southern CA, they say anywhere from high 70's to mid 90's, but that is close to or along the beach! We are 21 miles from the beach and it has been in the mid 90's to 99.99999 where we are inland. It has rained only 2 times since January 2013. You can warm up, but you can't cool down even if you strip down to nothing! We have brown outs due to too many air conditioners being run so sometimes we have power outtages, and along with water rationing we are asked not to run any appliances during the day only at night. HELP!

  10. John has an amazing intuition about what you'd like for Valentine's! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your artichoke and chocolates...and the love of your life. xo

  11. Sending that love right back at you, Suzan! We don't really "do" Valentine's Day - a few cards, maybe some candy. My big thing is covering the table in hearts every year (same hearts, different year). Glad the you and John each got what you want for V-day, lol!

  12. Did you say CHOCOLATE COVERED CHIPS!!!! I think I just died and went to heaven. Now I'm off to the grocery store.

  13. I celebrate with lots of purring from my cats... And you know what? I actually got more this way than some of my married friends!!!

  14. I like the way you think!! Chocolate covered Lays! OMG, I wish I had some!


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