Friday, February 19, 2016

A FRIDAY CHAT ( about this & that )

Good morning !

Come in - come in !

Coffee - tea - hot chocolate - wine ( I know it's early in the morning but I don't judge ) help yourself!

I've come to the conclusion that I don't really enjoy shopping anymore.
I become overwhelmed by the choices..............back in the day that was a FUN challenge - today not so much.

When I was a kid for example - and I wanted gum - well there were 3 choices -
Double Bubble
Or Black Cat
( and you got a free tiny comic in each pack ! )

And then as I became older I graduated to Chiclets or Wrigleys.

How are you supposed to choose?  My eyes are frantically darting all over the place in a desperate attempt to lock in on one...............


ZULILY keeps showing an ad of a top I really want  ( I mentioned it back on November 19 HERE )

I can't tell you how badly I want it ( to be worn with white linen  pants in the summer !!! )
I've tried twice to order it only to have to go through their entire line of clothing no avail.
So I contacted them.
And in a very gentle way advised them that this was eerily reminiscent of false advertising.
No - No - they assured me - it just means that we've sold out of that particular top - it'll be taken down shortly.
That was 3 months ago.
It still shows up daily on sites I visit - tormenting me.
I miss the days when I only got mad at ads on T.V. ....................

Getting old sucks.
I know - I know - the alternative is worse - but that still doesn't take away the fact that getting old sucks.  Are we supposed to be kicking our heels up in the air everyday because we're not dead?
Do a supercalifragilisticispialidocious when we open our eyes and realize we've opened our eyes?
It seems this is the year - THE YEAR when the aging process is on speed.
It's horrifying - I'm not aging well.
How the hell do people do this gracefully?
I miss my face.
The same face that I always found something wrong with.
I miss my body.
That same body that tormented me all my life.
Be kind to yourself - you will never be as young as you are today ..............again.

Should we " do " politics ?
It's been awhile - and I've heard through the grapevine that there's some who don't like that I do it.......
Should I be a lady and refrain?
Nah - no can do.

This struck me as pretty interesting

Pope Francis said on Thursday that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's plan to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border is "not Christian."
Speaking aboard his papal plane after visiting Mexico, the pope was asked specifically about Trump's proposal. "A person who only thinks about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian," he said,according to reporters who were on the plane with the pontiff.
The pope stressed that he was not suggesting whom American voters should support in the election: "I am not going to get involved in that. I would only say that this man is not Christian if he has said things like that."
Trump responded to the pope's comments quickly, putting out a campaign statement that "for a religious leader to question a person’s faith is disgraceful.”
Yet even as he decried the pope's comments, the billionaire real estate mogul conveniently forgot that he has questioned the Christianity of his Republican rival, Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas). 
Let the twitter war begin - be careful Pope Francis - you have no idea what you've started !
Being Canadian and all - and having the most boring political scene you can imagine ( except for Rob Ford last year - that was pretty eventful I must say )  I have to tell you Americans I'm completely fascinated watching yours.  I even make popcorn some nights - seriously !  And you can't tell me you don't find it funny - even SNL does skits on it ( ok so the creator of SNL is a Canadian - so what? )
Why on earth is John Kasich so low in the polls......................and why is that blustering buffoon bully so ahead?  Talk about narcissism in the extreme.
If I were American and I were a republican Mr. Kasich would be my pick because he seems to really care about people.
If I were American and I were a democrat Mr. Sanders would be my pick because he seems to really care about people.
The rest of the candidates seem to really care about themselves.
I found the cutest little Spring wreaths at the dollar store last week - and then because of that disorder I have I bought 4 of them.............

John hates them - thinks they're tacky.
I say Tacky - schmacky - you must be whacky
John says - I hope you're not going to hang them up all over the house
Suzan says - Nope - I'm going to hang them on my head.
John says - Dear God - I bet you would.
Suzan says - What do you mean " I bet you would " ?  That's what I bought them for

He makes it far too easy for me - you know that already - so now I have one of them in my purse.
I'm waiting for the next time we go out to eat whereupon I'll promptly place it on my head just before the waiter/waitress/server/bringer of nutrition ( I don't know the politically correct word ) comes to our table.
And then I'm going to break out into song........................

Have a wonderful day everyone
And an even better weekend

Hope you all know how much



  1. very interesting.. love the blouse..I hope you can find it. the wreathes are cute and your conversation brought me a laugh. And that song brought back the video of some of the greats. It started me on an early morning roll of you-tube oldies! thanks for sharing and have great weekend.

    Tamara <3

  2. I bet you'd look lovely with that wreath on your head... maybe buy a bit of tulle that matches to drape over it at the back. Or you could color co-ordinate it with that top (if you can ever order it!!
    Speaking of politics ~ I've EM'd you something. I know you are having problems with Email, so I saved it in case I need to resend...
    Hugs ~

  3. make me giggle...every time.
    and as an American...Trump embarrasses the crap out of me.

    1. Oh please don't be embarrassed Debbie - google Rob Ford if you want to see what happens up here !
      Have a wonderful weekend my friend !

  4. OMG . . . you are too darn funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Diana LOL !!!
      Happy Saturday and Sunday !

  5. Oh dear Lord. I think I love you..really you bring a smile on a rainy day. I will have this picture in my head today, of you wearing that wreath....and I bet you will wear it with total CLASS. You sure do think up the most Fun stuff....Wish you were my neighbor...and teach me how I could get away with driving Jeff (my husband) fun fun..(kidding...kinda)

  6. Oh honey, you crack me up every time! I totally agrre with you by the way about the political RIDICULOUSNESS that is happening here in our country!!! OMG!!! I wish you would do a video of Johns face when you put the wreath on:):):) he DOES make it too easy for you. But then I have a sneaky suspicion he married you for your hilarity (is that a word)? Any wway, have a fabulous weekend. XO

  7. Wasn't that a song Bonnie?
    I think I love you - isn't that what dreams are made of - though it worries me to say that I've never felt this way ..............David Cassiday - the Partridge family - circa 70's LMHO !!! I can still sing all of his songs - good Lord - I need to get/find a life !
    Happy Weekend to you girlfriend !

  8. LOL "I bet you will". ;) Your politics today are right on. haha Trump is unbelievable. Almost as unbelievable as those who think he would make a good president! When I heard about what he said about the pope, I said to my husband the same thing you thought. "Didn't he just question Ted Cruz's last week?!!" I keep thinking that he is really putting his foot in his mouth this time and surely all will see that. But, nope. I did see where a town in Canada is welcoming all who want to get away from Trump. We may be heading north. Ay? ;)

    1. The town is in the Maritimes LOL - too funny ! BTW it's a really beautiful part of the Country - but first and foremost you need to know that it EH? It doesn't matter if you stay in the States but if you come up here you need to get that right, eh?
      Happy weekend Nancy - enjoy it to the fullest !!!

    2. haha Thanks for the tip. ;) If my kids and grandkids would just go with us...

  9. We Americans, me specifically, think the whole political scene is BS. I loathe every one of them and then what is my choice? I vote for my wiener dog, Rosie for President. She is blind, so she should fit right in. Ted Cruz and his voice...sets me on fire, every single time I hear him speak. Donald...keep your mouth shut for once. Marco....know it all, no nothing idiot. I could go on, but I better shut my mouth. Happy weekend!

    1. I think politic WORLD WIDE is BS.............
      I'll vote for Rosie too - ROSIE FOR PRESIDENT !!!!!
      Happy weekend to you too Laura !

  10. I just watched the video. One of my favorite songs. I lived about 30 minutes from SF as a teenager in the 70's and always thought if I had been born about 10 years earlier...who knows. (although now I have to say "kinda glad I wasn't". Because...who knows. lol) xo

  11. Well since you've decided to put John's patience dial on high you simply have to get a waiter to take a picture with your phone...with the garland. And sit beside John so he can be in the photo, too!

  12. EH...AH tomato...tomato lol. It DOES matter depending where you are. I too got a good laugh picturing John's face when you whip out that wreath!! Lol

    Oh US politics right now Is SO ridiculous. Embarrassing!

    I too have now been watching old videos. Poor Procol Harem...what a lame video! Lol. At least The Monkees had some life. Lol

    1. Potato/Potato too I suppose LOL !
      Oh - weren't the Monkees t.v. show fun back in the day?
      Take the last train to Clarksville .........I'll meet you at the station.
      Have a great weekend Camille !

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Well Cindy I believe he's a hard working man ( he DID inherit millions from his Father ) I'm not sure how honest he is - there's lots of Europeans who would disagree with you unfortunately because of land deals he made for his golf courses. I personally think he's a bully and the rest of the world is not going to want to work with him and his temperment - BUT I completely agree with you about the Pope - he really should not have said what he said. Whether or not Trump acts in a Christian-like way ( he doesn't ) or not it wasn't for the Pope to say so.
      And we can all have different opinions - every one of us - and still be friends, right?
      Happy weekend to you

  14. Ok! Here we go! Unfortunately politicians and businessmen make deals everyday in all sorts of ways! We all know that so much is involved ! You and I are not personally involved with Mr Trumps dealings and who's to say WHAT has gone on! Don't know! Don't care! What is important is getting our country back on its feet

  15. We will never know what goes on behind the scenes! People need to get involved in knowing and understanding as much as we can to bring back morals,honesty and integrity back to our country! It's so very sad to witness such a decline in so many areas ! You live in a very different world in Canada! I would LOVE to visit someday! I think I could live in Quebec or on Prince. Edward Island! A fantasy for sure! There are so many areas in our country that need improvement and we need someone VERY STRONG to take charge and help us all!

    1. Oh I don't know about Quebec Cindy - we have our political strife here - trust me on that. It's a beautiful city and very much like Europe with it's architecture - but the politics ruin things for a lot of people here.
      But Prince Edward Island? It's a little like Paradise in my humble opinion !

  16. I've been looking for a simple wreath. I think I'll run to my dollar store right now. I love it. I agree that our politics are comical but they're also a bit scary aren't they? To think that any one of those candidates will be the one running our country for the next 4 years gives me a chill. Trump is a business man and not a politician. He says it like it is and that's what makes him appear to be a bully. The true politicians tell us what we want to hear, want to make us feel all warm and fuzzy and yet do whatever they want to anyway, screw up our financials, stick their noses in countries where we don't belong. It's all smoke and mirrors. Trump is a CEO and I've worked for enough companies that have gone through transitions to know that not every CEO is the right man for the job, they make decision based on finances and people get hurt, that's how I think Trump will run the country but even the good CEO's have to be hard hitting. I just hope the voters research their candidates before they hit the polls. A very scary time in America! The Pope should be concerned about what's happening in his own backyard before he throws stones. The political circus will only be getting more entertaining as we move along. The debates are definitely popcorn and wine worthy!

    1. Did you find a wreath Debbie ?
      I suppose all politics - everywhere - are scary. And I completely agree that politicians say what we want to hear - as you get older you realize that it's all B.S. really - none of it happens.
      Have a wonderful weekend - I spent the evening with little Evan .........sigh - heaven !

  17. Haha, I'd love to see John's face when you plop that wreath on your head! Funny. And I know what you mean about the shirt. I want it too only where is it!? Did they ever have it? Annoying. Tough getting old too, where did my body go, why won't the weight go away? Wrinkles, seriously? Sigh. Then those damn, oops, I mean darn, hot flashes. Ugh. Don't get me started on politics. I'd like to chunk the lot of them.
    Happy weekend, my friend.

  18. Politics smolitics! They are all crazy! Maybe you should start a new trend of wreath wearing, they really can look quite sweet. Have made loads for flower girls and bridal parties . Very spring like, we could all wear them and post on your Facebook page❣Xxxxxxx

    1. I'll start a line of wreath wear to go with my colander wear ( remember that ? )
      LOL !!! Maybe we should do the colander thing on facebook - OMG - that would be hilarious Mary Anne !
      Have a great weekend

    2. Let's all go back to those San Francisco days, maybe if only to "wear flowers in our hair"! When I got married in the late 70's I wore a wreathe of fresh flowers in my hair! I loved it. I've always loved that Scott McKenzie song! It sure does bring back memories! I remember playing it over and over again in my Freshman yr dorm room in college! The record finally wore out just before I graduated from college---we used to play it so much! I'd come into the room after classes and my roommate would be playing it too! We did that too with "To Sir, With Love", (by I think it was Lulu). We never got any complaints by anyone on our floor for playing those and a few other songs popular at the time, like all of the Simon and Garfunkel songs, esp "Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme" and the "Sounds of Silence" over and over again. We all watched "The Graduate" and "Love Story", and swooned and swooned! We also went to see "Hair", and thought it was so daring to watch it, especially because of the nude scene that lasted exactly one tenth of a second and then the whole theater went dark so we couldn't really see anything so we were disappointed! Every guy we dated was soon drafted and left for VN! So there were good and very bad memories. Ah, "those were the days, my friend, we thought they'd never end...."! (and there's a song that starts or has those words in it...can't recall the name--this hippy era survivor is getting old!
      Wearing a wreath of flowers atop the colander would be just great too! We could start a new style like Lucy 'n' Ethel in Paris when their husbands had crazy designer outfits made for them from a horse feeder bag styled as a hat and Gunny sacks styled as chemise dresses, to stop them begging for French designer clothing, and the style "took" after they wore the joke outfits in public. Do you remember that episode?

    3. Once upon a time there was a tavern
      Where we used to raise a glass or two
      Remember how we laughed away the hours...........
      and think of all the great things we would do.
      That song in particular was a huge hit here in Montreal !
      I remember that episode perfectly Laura - ( I still watch all the reruns so even saw it not that long ago ) The designer ends up copying their " look " LMHO !
      Anyway now I've gone and done it - I you tubed Those were the days - and now I feel a profound sadness .............
      So now you have to do it too

    4. Thanks for looking up the "those were the days....) song, Suzan. I googled it and it is very sentimental and I'm there with ya, Lucy!)
      Thank you!
      Have a great week!

  19. Oh, Suzan, Trump is such an embarrassment! I can hear the whole world laughing at us between popcorn munches! The US has really sunk to new lows with the circus it is putting on! We really have so many ignorant people in the US who, if only they would get varied views from different sources, they'd actually get some facts for a change, instead of constantly watching only "news" programs on the channel owned by Rupert Murdoch and his family, which broadcasts lies and skewed versions of the truth. Rupert Murdoch and the Koch brothers are billionaires who spend their billions buying politicians to run the USA. They are not interested in whether everyone in the US has health insurance or if they have anything else for that matter. You can't fault them, I suppose, because they aren't even aware that anyone else but the super rich exist!
    For God's sake, they don't even believe Scientists when they have PROVEN that there IS Global Warming due to the holes pollution has made in the Ozone, because acknowledging Global Warming would mean they can still continue destroying our environment just to keep running their businesses as usual for the sake of making money---they don't even care about their own future generations suffering because of the effects of Global Warming! Global Warming is NOT a theory, it is a proven scientific FACT. You'd be surprised how many people in the US say they do not believe that there is Global Warming. They really show their ignorance when they say that!
    I KNOW that Trump is rich enough NOT to have to take money from the Super PACS which are funded by billionaires like the Koch brothers, but he has the same agenda as they do--just keep on making money, no matter what! So he just wants to be a president for big business, regardless of all of what he says to get elected. He says the US is doing so badly--well it is not--It is a heck of A LOT better than it was in 2008! Unemployment is way down, all the companies who were given a bail-out so that they would not go under, have paid it back to the government, people who could not afford health insurance, now have health insurance--the first time that THAT can be said in the USA! The economy is A WHOLE LOT healthier than it was in 2008 and through out the Great Recession, etc., etc.! So what is Trump talking about? That's right, he wants to take the country back [and give it to the rich]! Oh, yes, and with his social skills, probably start WW III!
    Trump is NOT a Christian, and it did not take the Pope to state the obvious! He simply is not interested in the plight of fellow Americans because he isn't even aware who does all of the dirty work for him like picking his vegetables in the fields, cleaning his home and washing his clothes or washing the dishes in all of his hotels, etc., etc. All jobs well-to-do Americans think are below them! Instead, he says that those immigrants who are making his life cushy are out raping and stealing or whatever all he accused our neighbors to the South of doing! As for other nationality of immigrants being a "terrorist" problem, not to worry, there are plenty of gun toting WACKO zealot US citizens already living here, perfectly capable of killing tons of us.
    You are so funny with the wreath thing! I think poor John will roll his eyes so hard that they'll stick that way!
    Take care and please pray for the US!

    1. First of all Ethel - the world is not laughing at YOU the people - they're laughing at what comes out of Trump's mouth........end of story. And he says a lot of what he says for exactly that purpose - for a laugh so he's winning on that score LOL !
      Personally? I think politicians are just people - some are not as nice as others - some are evil - some are good looking - some are ugly - some are wonderful - just p.e.o.p.l.e. and we tend to elevate or bash them to levels where they don't belong. Agghhh - ok enough about politics - it's a new day LOL !
      I had Evan here last night so I'm feeling full of love right now :)
      Hope your weekend is off to a good start - love ya !

  20. I'm with Cecilia... my fellow Texan... hot flashes...rather, power surges... are a pain. Vitamin B sublingual drops have helped me. Daddy always told me not to get old because of how horrible it was. We're learning about the pains that come with age, everything hurts after a long day of working outside. Can't imagine what it will be like in 10 years.*** I hadn't even heard about Kasich until last week. He seems like a really nice guy. I'm so tired of the mud-slinging by everyone else. And it seemed to get started earlier this time around. We still have 10 months of this!! UGH! *** I like that top, too, Suzan. It would look great on you. Too bad that businesses have to resort to the cheater advertising to get you to their website. *** LOVED The Monkees! You knew Michael Nesmith's mom invented Liquid Paper here in San Antonio, right ? And I have that Partridge Family album ! I need to dig out my record player and spin some vinyl!! Have a super weekend!

  21. Suzan if you think the politicians are bad in the US you should look over the pond in Europe. It seems we are getting ready for chaos, they cannot decided if they should close the borders to the migrants, they don't know what to do with them. Sometimes, to forget this madness I listen to the Turtle's "elenor" and all those 60's songs. You have your little cutie, I have my music. Have a great Sunday!

    1. I think politics are bad everywhere Mary - they're pretty shitty here too ( boring as hell but shitty believe me ) But I do agree - mass chaos is about to be normal in Europe - OMG - what a mess - it's too hard to even think about never mind actually deal with.
      Hope you had a great weekend Mary !

  22. I always enjoy your posts because you're so honest! You hold nothing back and it makes me wish I could do that too. I hold certain opinions of things but I don't ever want to "rock the boat". You had me laughing at the politics situation. Yes, Donald Trump is fun to watch. He really keeps things interesting. i just don't think he is very presidential. He might have a hard time keeping his anger in check and someone like that would probably try to use his position in ways that aren't always fair. It's his way or the highway. Ya know? When he got into it with the Pope I thought, oh no! Here we go again! I think my husband and I like Marco Rubio right now. I'm not a democrat so I don't care for Bernie or Hillary.


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