Monday, October 31, 2011

All I can say

We pick this up on the weekend - I may keep the top part for my secretary - and sell the bottom part.
( mine was missing the top part when I bought it ) I love the wood detail on the glass doors - and the

My latest dresser has not sold yet - and I am panicking a little tonight - because space is such an
issue for me..........may have to drop the price tomorrow evening to see if that helps, if not, a
consignment shop may have to be it's next home. which is a shame because then people are paying
double what I am asking for.

Anyways, I am pretty excited about this piece, pretty pretty pretty awesome!
I paid a little more than I usually do, but worth every penny I think,

here is my secretary finished

it fits perfectly in a little niche between the living room and dining room -
can you see the wire from the lamp?  I am so anal -that has to be fixed
immediately, for me that is a complete eyesore!

and upon seeing this pc in a photo I have to distress the drawers, in person
it is kind of pretty with the drawers so " clean " but here in the photo they
look a little too pristine for the body of the pc.

Oh the worries I have, lol


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