Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The elephant in the room

Remember this buffet/hutch I purchased quite a while ago - circa 1970's? lol

It must have been a couple of months ago - and I am thoroughly embarrassed to
admit that it has been sitting in my dining room since then looking exactly like the
above picture - so there has been a lot of cringing going on because you have to pass
through my dining room to get anywhere else in my house - not to mention you
can even see it from my front door.

I have been so busy fixing up furniture to sell - and this just seemed so big and
cumbersome that it kept being put in the " tomorrow " files of my brain.
Well tomorrow arrived yesterday - and I started.  I don't know what I was thinking
when I bought this, really, but it's here now - the big elephant in the room,

I hope it's something I can live with because I can't see anyone wanting this really -
not to mention what a pain in the ass this would be for anyone to pick up -
Also - no one was here - and this is where I really have a problem - after waiting
months to start on the job - I could not wait a couple of hours so that I could get
help lifting the top part off in order to  paint it properly - no, no, I had to start
it immediately - so once again this is my second buffet/hutch which I have painted
in place - so that if the top was removed to move - there would be a big patch of
unpainted area where the hutch part sits!!!!


I am painting it gray - so it will resemble the color of an elephant ( in the room )


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