Tuesday, October 11, 2011

mini secretariat.............

One of my customers ( this sounds strange to me still ) had a baby girl - and they decorated her room in an antique style - hence the purchase of one of my dressers - I mentionned that I had a rocking horse if they were interested - they were - and so here it is.  The colors match her dresser.
It is hard to tell in the pictures but this is a very soft gray - gently distressed to show some pink undertones -
with a stenciled pattern on the seat ( where a tiny little bottom will sit )
This was completely sanded down to the original wood - primed - painted soft pink - and then painted soft
gray completely - the pink was only so that when I sanded the gray slightly you could see a little pink peaking through.
It is adorable - and I must must must get a decent camera - because the phone is just not cutting it!

Have finished another piece - pictures tomorrow


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