Friday, October 21, 2011 this the same?

very very similar - mine has more curves on the upper drawers - but it is the same wood -
anyways the first one is listed on Kijiji as being from 1890 - which sounds about right from
the history I read on Larkin Co. - they are asking.....................drum roll
So went searching again - my God some of them are asking 1500 and up - they are apparently
quite valuable -
Of course mine is painted - which diminishes the value of a true antique - but I really had no choice,
it would have had to been restored professionally it was so bad.
But still, there must be great potential here in getting a good price!
I'm thinking between 500 and 600 ( maybe ) have to think about this one.
Did I mention I paid 20.00 for it?

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