Monday, October 24, 2011

One thing leads to another -

Life is such a series of connections.............
The girl that came tonight to purchase the dresser fell in love with our home - and asked
if I would be willing to come to her place to help her " fix it up "
My pleasure, literally, I think I am falling into the career that I always wanted to be in.
My heart almost bursts when these customers go on about my " talent " I feel like a fraud
because it comes so easy to me -
My first impulse is to say " this? oh that's nothing " I have to start appreciating the talents
I have, and not constantly poo poo them away -  just because you love doing something
does not mean it does not have value, in fact I now believe the complete opposite to be
true - the more passion you bring to a project the better the end results will always be.

She told me she could feel my energy as soon as she walked into our house - and actually
sat with me for about 1/2 hour - chatting about this and that.

Tonight I feel good -
Really really good about what I am doing.

Hope you all feel this good tomorrow!


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