Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Charming desk

Here is the latest piece for sale -
It is soooo charming - reminiscent of an old school desk - but with far more detail 
Again in Paris Grey and Old White - this combination is really beautiful - and It's
fast becoming my new obsession............

I love desks - for some reason they stir up visuals for me - especially the old antique ones,
I imagine a lady ( never a man ) sitting and writing letters to friends ( pen pals? ) their long
dresses draping on the floor beneath them, using an inkwell - I even have the desks
placed in front of windows in my mind so that they can gaze wistfully out as they
think of what to write.

I have 2 more desks in storage to do and don't think I will ever tire of this.
Maybe physically - but never mentally - too strong an emotional connection
to beautiful things with a history.

antique desk, ascp white, ascp paris gray

Another dresser gets done tomorrow - and then....................

I am going to attempt my Union Jack dressers tomorrow -
This is going to be more of a challenge for me I think!


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