Monday, October 10, 2011

Latest one ready to go..................

My Latest Shabby Dresser

Shabby, Dresser, White, Gray, Appliques, distressing

The dresser was first painted Old White - and then Paris Grey was lightly dry brushed over the surface
to give it layered old " worn " look

shabby, gray, white, layered colors,

shabby, dresser, gray, white, detailing

legs, details, gray, white, dresser

I love this pc and wish I lived in a bigger house to use this somewhere.............
Such beautiful details - and the colors make the details stand out - I painted the
wooden handles in both of the colors - white - then the gray in the middle - and
then sanded them to expose some of the original wood color.  Hope she
sells as quick as the last one, do not want to have to look at her for too long or
I may never be able to say goodbye ;(


oops - here is the before shot - minus the drawers because I had already gotten
my greedy hands on the paint before I remembered!!

and this is what the drawers looked like - I was still working on the middle one in this pic - lol

shabby, details,legs,knobs,gray,white,layering paint,dresser

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