Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's a small blog world, after all

Because I am on so many sites - and because so many of us have the same obsessions - ( and I am starting to notice the same styles ) here are a couple of my finds - that I have seen others redo as well..........

Here is a secretary that Julia from 551 East Furniture Design redid

and here is mine - not done yet - and I am embarrassed to say that the colors
I chose are the colors she used - now I feel guilty to use them so have
decided on something different - isn't that silly?
I swear to God - everything I am about to show you
was only discovered after I have bought my pcs -
Great minds think alike, lol

 These 2 pcs are identical - right down to the handles - the only difference is mine still has
 it's original feet - Julia had to change hers ( not sure if they were missing when she purchased them )

 Next on the list, Michael and Keely from European Paint Finishes created this

Now I know this is going to start sounding like " ok Suzan - yeah right " all I can say is it's the truth,
I had thought about keeping the top on mine wood and just painting the body ( although there is a
lot of wood on this one )

Here's mine

it is almost identical, really - the top section of mine curves like theirs - but my lower drawers
are straight - but they are so similar - and unique - that it's hard to believe that 2 people
in different countries could find the same pcs at roughly the same time....... ( albeit we are
both in North America and I suppose that makes a big difference )

and then there are these............but these are a lot more common - and something that you can
find everywhere I think - although I feel very very lucky when I do come across one of them

Alison from The Modern Cottage Company

Elz and Rob from House Pour

Miss Mustard Seed

there are tons and tons of these ones out there -
and here is mine ( not finished )
I am really bad at before shots - I am usually in such
a hurry to dig in, that the before shot is an
after thought - sometimes too late!

This one has needed one hell of a lot of TLC -
lots and lots of wood filler - and I may
have to change out the drawer bottoms - not a big
expense - but a pain really...........
But it has lovely details -
and you can see how similar it is in shape, size and form
to the ones above

Now I am off to sand - paint - wax -
what else is there to do on a beautiful warm
Saturday evening - when you live steps
away from Downtown?



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