Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Blahs...........

What a miserable day it was here in good old Montreal...............raining and cold and dark - and no firewood to speak of - have to pick some up - another long winter is about to descend upon us.......

But someone left me a message that they want to buy these 2 pieces

The dresser was supposed to be sold to someone else, but she tried to go too low - ridiculously low because
she saw something similar ( no way, this was hand done by moi )  at Home Sense for 100.00 dollars,
hmmm, this was made in Canada - did not come off of an assembly line in China.
Anyways, the person who is interested is looking for something that will go in a pale blue and silver bedroom - a match made in heaven I think!!!

And so - now I have purchased 2 more items - ( picking up this weekend - as they leave - so they
will arrive lol )

OMG - this one makes my heart palpitate so strongly I just may have a heart attack - this one
will be going all - another one that will be hard to let go of - and it kind of goes
with the one I bought a couple of weeks ago - perhaps I should sell them as a set, Mr and Mrs?

I also purchased this beauty....................

this is the sellers photo ( not my house - my God I am vain )
and this is her when she is open

I know it is not normal to be so passionate about furniture - especially old junky pieces,
but these are exactly the pieces that I love working on so much...............
To bring them back to something beautiful to look at is so rewarding - especially when
the buyers are as passionate as I am.

The young man that came tonight to purchase the dresser from my previous post told my it was absolutely gorgeous, and that he would be interested in seeing pieces before they are listed, he is building a home
in Vermont, farmhouse style and will be needing a LOT of old refurbished pieces.
I am sourcing a wardrobe for him actually - antiqued like the bureau he bought.

So little by little this just may become the small business I was dreaming of.


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