Saturday, October 15, 2011

My fabulous find

Remember when I posted this dresser found on craigs list? Well I started working on it tonight 
and I was looking for marks or names on the back ( often there is a stamp with the original makers
name on it ) and I saw a section where a sticker used to be - and I could make out a name which
had transferred from the paper on to the wood - Larkin Co.
What a find!  It is very rare to still have the label on these items - and I am very lucky that in this
case the ink transferred - because apparently Larkin Co. furniture is very collectable - and sought
after.  They have quite a fascinating history as well - started off as a soap company in the 1870's
and ended up selling furniture ( actually I think they sold anything that could go in a home ) By the
30's they were in trouble financially - and finished by the 40's.  I am thinking this pc is at least 75
years old if not more.
Anyways there was no way to salvage it - it was far too beaten up and needed wood filler in lots
of spots - so it had to be painted - but I have printed out the history and it will be given to whoever
purchases it.

Here is a sneak peak - should be finished tomorrow -

Off to bed - sleep tight - don't let the ....................
You know I had that thought - here I am grabbing  up furniture from God knows where - what would I do
if I brought home bedbugs........................
Terrifying really -


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