Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Camera!!!

I finally bought a new camera - so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pics are now true colors of the pieces I do -

Here is my latest piece - wow - I am soooo in love with this piece
( I know I know I say this about every piece - but look at the details
on this baby! )
This is the " LARKIN CO " dresser I previously posted about - check
out her curves -
I went out today to buy handles - ( the glass ones never came )  but the
curves on the top 2 drawers and the little door -stop the handles from
sitting flush - and so they appear crooked - won't do at all -
My thinking cap is on as I type - have to find a solution to this - perhaps
itsy bitsy handles on those particular drawers?  Here is the before again:

and here she is all finished ( except handles of course )

now I have to figure out how to find them once I download them - I am so so so
stupid at some things - the phone was much easier for downloading pics -
it took me 20 minutes to find this pic on my computer.


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