Tuesday, January 17, 2012

All things Paris...............

I used to go on business - every year - but business has not been so great for the last couple of years so John has gone on his own - I am definitely going this September ( even if I have to sell every piece of furniture I own, lol ) My memories of that incredible city include the following:

-Making it up to the top of the Eiffel Tower at midnight - the year they started lighting it with fairy lights every hour on the hour - and telling John, quick for God's sake - kiss me
-Laying down on the grounds of Ecole Militaire with a good book - and the Eiffel Tower in the distance.
-Falling asleep on a park bench and waking up not knowing where the hell I was - until the delicious moment I realized I was in Paree, ( how cool is that? )
-The Moulin Rouge ( enough said )
-Sitting in the oldest church in Paris ( no it is not the Notre Dame ) and feeling the history in my bones - thousands of notes taped to ancient pillars with messages for loved ones and writing a message to my Dad who passed away when I was very young - Hi Dad - it's Suzy - I'm here in Paris - and I am thinking of you.
-Sitting on our hotel bed eating baguette and cheese - with a St Emilion wine - which cost 2.50 euro ( unfreakingbelievable sooooooo expensive here )
-Walking along the Champs Elysee - and pretending I live there ( I actually do that everywhere I go - pretend I am a native -
-Every trip we go to the " L'entrecote " if you are ever in Paris - please please please go to this restaurant - always a line up but absolutely incredible. ( we used to travel for over an hour to get to it, for years and years and then one day walking to the Champs Elysee we looked down a side street and Voila - there was one right where we used to stay - lmfao - they are a chain - stupeed foreigners )
-The flea market
-Sitting outside with a blanket around me - drinking Chocolate Chaud ( this is the real thing folks ) at night at a bistro.
-The Louvre ( enough said )
-The Musee D'orsay ( enough said )
Buying vintage postcards on the Left Bank from an old man that I can see still in my mind
-Walking over the bridges in the rain - what an incredible city in the rain
-Going on a boat tour of the Seine with a mill we represented and telling my Mother during the mandatory presentation of fabric lines - " just pretend you work with us " omg - I can remember her face as she nodded approval each time a new fabric appeared - trying to look like she knew what was going to work for the new season - priceless.
Getting lost my first time there - all alone - and not feeling afraid - I walked for at least 4 hours until I found my way back to the hotel ( and purchased the most amazing ring from a small boutique somewhere along the way )
-Taking the funicular up the mountain at Montemarte - what a breath taking part of the city - to be looking down at all the wonderous landmarks below
-Drinking Citron Presse (  a beautiful way to say Lemonade - for years I walked around saying Citron Presse s.v.p.)
-The cemetary in Montmarte - I know that sounds gruesome - but it is one of the most peaceful idyllic spots in Paris very similar to the cemetaries in New Orleans - all above ground ( google it - like the rest of Paris it is an outdoor museum
-The year I went with a girlfriend - she had never been - and I can honestly tell you that Paris is not only for lovers - it can simply be with someone you love, what an incredible experience, life changing moments sitting at a cafe in St Germaine de Pres (at the Cafe de Flore where Hemingway used to sit! ) for hours and hours laughing and crying and even arguing a little bit ( so parisien n'est pas ) listening as she made decisions that were painfully hard to make - soul connecting moments that I will treasure always.
My favourite city. Period.......................

And just in case you don't believe me lol here are some memorabilia I have around the house

very large photo in my office from IKEA

again from IKEA - I think I sat on one of those benches!

picked up from a second hand shop for 25.00 water paint of Champs Elysee circa 1950's love love love this one
oil painting of Paris
too cute - I make my Chocolat Chaud in these - lol
xmas decorations I found one year - cheap - perhaps a dollar and used them on gifts
soap dish - but too pretty for soap? it's in my dining room

purchased in Toronto - was originally a brown/brassy color - nothing is safe from Suzan's paintbrushes
A painting I bought in Montmartre - oil on canvas - this is really beautiful - the pic does not do it justice

had it signed in case he becomes the next Picasso lol ( hey you never never know )

xmas gift from my son - because after Paris - comes New York - perfect gift for his Mom

And lastly this wallpaper I bought last year - count to 10 - hold your breath - because this is the most spectacular wallpaper in the world - it should win an Oscar - the Queen should make it a Duchess - it is so special to me ( think gold bricks ) that I have not put it up yet - me. Miss Mad Compulsive - is taking her time because this has to be in the perfect location.

It is wrapped up like it is the crown jewels - couldn't you just die? Well maybe that's a bit strong I suppose - but I could swoon and maybe faint -

Adieu for today - mes amis -


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  1. Oh I'm dying to go to Paris. Hoping to go with hubby this year for our 25th.

    You're so lucky to have been able to experience so often and so well. Your comments are inspiring me to go.

    And I love, love, love that wallpaper! You should make it our blog background, so that way it is preserved forever, lol!


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