Saturday, January 14, 2012

Never can say goodbye

It's a strange process, this restoring furniture business - you find a piece that most people would think is garbage and you very lovingly breathe beauty back into it - hoping someone else will see what you see when it's finished and want to purchase it.  Then you list it and patiently wait - if no one is interested it's extemely disappointing and you cannot help but take it a little personally since it is your vision and creation that is being rejected. BUT EVEN WORSE for some strange reason - is when someone is actually interested in it - and you have to let it go.
This pc sat in my dining room in its original state for far too long - and I started second guessing my decision to buy it in the first place - until finally I had no choice but to tackle the elephant in the room ( which is clearly what I remember saying at the time )  It was ugly.  Period. And I had a little anxiety over it because I usually do dressers and this was sooooo big.
Somewhere in the transition I fell in love - not surprising if you do this type of thing - every piece becomes my favorite when it's finished -
Anyways, I listed it last night - and someone wants to come see it - and all of a sudden I am panicked - how can I let it go?  Where will I put everything I have inside ( the bottom storage is amazing ) It looks so pretty where it sits and everyone went on about it at my xmas party.  I LOVE IT NOW, and I may have to say goodbye to it.
I asked John what we should do - "SELL IT" he says, "that's what you buy these pieces for, isn't it".
Yeah, that's what I buy these pieces for,

But why do I have to fall in love each and every time?

This was painted with ASCP - paris gray - handles were spray painted with Krylon mettalic brilliant silver.
I removed the decorative panels on the top ( big swirly thingamajigs that simply screwed off )


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  1. This turned out absolutely gorgeous! No wonder you have a hard time letting it go!

  2. It is lovely! So, did you sell it?


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