Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My 2 beefs with T.V's

I don't like them, period, they offend my design sensibilities, lol ( they really do though )
They are eyesores to me - and although they are making them flatter and flatter they
keep getting bigger and bigger and take up far too much eye space on the walls, consoles, etc
They destroy mantels - which I know is the best place to keep them - but the decorating
possibilities that are lost because of them is a shame.

Now these, however, are luxurious...............Hidden Mirror T.V.'s , a dream come true

that's the answer - over the mantel - a clean beautiful mirror - which turns into a t.v. when needed.

I love mirrors - and have more than I care to mention hanging on my walls - but I think perhaps I need
one more......................this bathroom vanity mirror is a T.V. -

and how about this one..................have a dinner party - clear the table and then you and your guests
can just watch T.V on the table, lol - the actual table is a t.v. -
Ok - maybe not in a dining room - but awesome as a conference table?

THANK YOU MR SAMSUNG - you must have been an interior decorator in your previous life.

Now my second beef with T.V is it's all crap -
The same shows over and over again - all reality which although I am guilty of watching a couple of them, seem a little creepy - millions of people just watching people living their lives seems absurb to say the least - almost like THE TRUMAN SHOW ( with Jim Carrey )
HGTV is perpetually on one of my T.V. 's like background music, lol - but I have seen every show so many times that I could turn the sound off and lip sync ( HGTV Karoke anyone? ) every word they are saying -
And the commericals?  INSULTING for the most part - so much so that when I see one that uses a little thought I get excited................for the most part I press the mute button as soon as they come on.
Back in the good old days ( the 70's - I know I know dating myself again ) there was so much choice, every night - all different - variety shows - comedies - dramas - mini series -  each show came on ONCE a week - so there was actually something to look forward to. Not to mention Johnny Carson who can simply not be replicated, period.

Shows that are actually worth the time out to sit and watch ( in my humble opinion ) are

Enlightened ( with Laura Dern - fanfreakingtastic - really really really fanfreakingtastic
Boardwalk Empire
Curb Your Enthusiasm
The Actors Studio
ANY SEINFELD rerun - again seen hundreds of times - but can still make me laugh every time.

Real Time with Bill Maher
Anthony Bourdain ( only because I am in love with him - seriously - I do not just love him - I have fallen in love with this guy )

and then of course HGTV - because even though I have seen every show - as many times as they are aired - I can't help it - I am addicted.

And those are Tuesdays beefs everyone.



  1. Aren't those disappearing tbs unbelievable? I sure hope they come down in price!

  2. Ah, Curb your enthusiasm... How I love that show.

    As for TVs. I've managed to keep ours relatively small because of space constraints (30", tiny by today's standards), but if the husband was let loose, we'd have a 45893 inch tv, no doubt about it). I cannot imagine, however staring down at a tv in my table. It just wouldn't work for me.

  3. I agree, TVs are unsightly.

    Love, love, love The Middle. I'm going to have to check out Enlightened.

    And Seinfeld. What can I say, a classic.


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