Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shopping day

I could have bought a purse which I really really need
or a cool pair of runners to bring me up to speed
I could have bought a necklace - a bracelet or a ring
I could have found a c.d. to make me want to sing
I could have bought a book or two perhaps even three
or a brand new pair of glasses so that maybe I could see
A designer dress or jeans or top - a jacket would be nice
even just a pretty scarf or earrings would suffice
Of all the things a girl could buy - to bring a little bliss
I went out to shop a bit
and then came home with this

and I am thrilled - lmao

seriously folks - I highly recommend this -and know it will make my life a lot easier - great great sander - fits in the palm of your hand - low vibration - bet you're all jealous now...............!!!


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