Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I have never been much of a table cloth person - I have one Frette ( we were given as a sample many years ago because we were going to try to sell the Frette line - didn't work out - but I still have that table cloth ) it's white and crisp and the perfect background for decorating a table with sparkle - and I have a few checkered ones because I once went through a stage of that - but they mostly sit in a cabinet never used.
The below pics make me want to make a tablecloth - but I hate sewing ( and I am the daughter of a woman who made custom draperies for years as a living ) and I really suck at it.
I can't sew, and I absolutely positively cannot do anything with hair ( I actually go to my hairdresser twice a week I am embarrassed to say ) cannot use a blow dryer or an iron - fuggedaboudit.
But hey, I can paint walls - and refinish floors - and redo furniture - so I need that girly pampering.
Wow - I am all over the place - how do I do this, I start off talking about tablecloths and I end up on hair????
You see how it's all about ME?

Anyways, this one, made by Courtney from the French Country Cottage(
speaks to me.  Here I go again - usually it's furniture that speaks to me - but sometimes its the whole room lol.
This one fills me with, I don't know what, serenity?

It tells me to take some time off and sit down with a bunch of girlfriends and a bottle of wine.........................

And this one tells me to get back to work,
But in a good way



  1. So funny, I don't think I've EVER used a tablecloth, much to my mother's horror. But these are beautiful! Have a great day!

  2. Well there you go, I'm not a big fan of tablecloths either. Especially not fancy ones. Yeah, I'm not much on the girly.

  3. I'm a big fan of table runners made of dropcloth.
    I'll use tablecloths for only special occasions.


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