Friday, January 6, 2012

Maybe I need this?

The dressers I tried to buy yesterday were sold to someone else ( it came down to who could pick up quickest - I lost )
Anyways now tonight I saw this on Craigs list -

It comes with 3 additional leaves - and I just love the curves - my fingers are crossed so tightly this time that I have pains shooting up my arms lol.
It comes with this

which is also gorgeous except I do not have room for it - look at the size of that baby!

So now will have to wait and see if they are willing to sell separately - guess I will have to sell mine,
which I really do love - but it does not have extensions - and 10 is a tight fit - I'm guessing this one
would sit 12 comfortably.

I hope this does not turn into a blog of things I'd like to have - and then find out they are sold.

Need some before and after shots for the new year!!!

I am painting 2 small dressers that have been in the basement for too long now - which will
be for sell, will post the before sometime tomorrow - thinking stripes again perhaps.



  1. Maybe I need that too especially that last photo. Fit for my eastwood condo. :)

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