Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sitting on the fence...................

I was overly ambitious on the last two dressers I posted about - thought I could have both of them done by tonight - well...........................
I am only half finished one of them - so it will still be awhile yet - but here are the legs I picked up today
( yes Rebecca - they most definitely needed legs, lol )

I bought 4 finials for fence posts ( they were either 2.88 or 3.98 can't remember because I bought another
type for another project as well) but pretty good price isn't it - considering they ask a fortune for proper legs and the shape of these look so pretty to me - they will soften the square lines of the dresser somewhat I hope.

The dresser is painted - I did not use ASCP this time - because I am going for a more glitzy look than an old world look - so it's a high gloss white - the drawers are next - ( I bought glass pulls )

Will keep you posted - right now there is a roast in the oven that is calling my name - I am famished - I tend to get lost in my projects and forget to eat ( hmmm that could be a good thing, escpecially after the holidays)


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