Friday, January 13, 2012

There's going to be some yellng happening at my house on the weekend

I have a sickness - undeniably.
I have no business going on craig's list - our storage unit is full to capacity - and there is not a square inch of space to put this in our house - but it's a great deal and the potential for it to be pretty spoke to me louder than John can ever I bought it and it has to be picked up on Saturday - knowing full well that it is slow right now with the holidays just finishing - things are not selling!
And this is where the sickness comes in - I told him it will definitely fit in the trunk - all the while knowing it definitely will not - because in my mind we can put it on the roof of the car ( oh God help me - this is going to be such a scene when we get to the house and he sees it )
Wish me luck everybody!!!!!
(  and I am still not finished the white dresser, lol )


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