Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I love chairs

I have a thing for chairs -
Actually I have a thing for everything.............lol but I really do love chairs -
This one is my favorite redo

I don't have a before - but it was god-awful - dark brown chipped wood - orange and brown and green floral velvet upholstery - but it was 25 dollars - and I knew I could do something with it - AND - after I had finished it I started seeing the finished product everywhere ( same painted color - same black fabric - same tufting and I swear to you I did not have an inspiration photo of this!!!! ) Elte Furniture has a very similar one for aprox. 500.00 dollars.  It did not have tufting on the back originally and that makes it I think.

This is my next chair

Not nearly as ugly as the one above one was - actually it's kind of pretty ( if not a little boring ) -  not sure what I will do with it yet - but I really do love the back.

BTW - the pretty dresser and mirror are mine ( all mine ) being picked up on Saturday!

And I have emptied out the buffet/hutch - the lady is coming today to pick it up so have been scouring CL and Kijiji trying to find another. I absolutely cannot leave an inch of space uncovered ( part of the sickness, don't you know? )



  1. I have a thing for chairs too. I have refinished a few. I should really post about them. I think I should rename my blog to "The Lazy Blogger", lol.

    Thanks for your email, by the way.


  2. Oh and yes, that top chair turned out stunning! I also really love the second chair, the paint is nice, I think you just need a really nice fabric.


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